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Giant Homemade Poster Made From Lots of Regular Paper.

This giant homemade poster of a scene from the Boondock Saints [wiki] is made with the software Rasterbator. Found at MakeUseOf - via wugsy

i made a HUGE "worst president ever" (with a pic. of bush) poster with rasterbator. everybody always comments on it and it looks awesome in my room. (ps--i printed it out at work...let them pay for the ink!)
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have you rasterbated before?
cutting the margins off gets very old very fast and generally looks worse in the end.

jolly good show
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Wait a minute, amonkey...

It gets old fast?

I really, really don't think he was worried about the time factor here.

While he was at it, say while he was waiting for ALL 120 PAGES TO PRINT, he could have at least grabbed a ruler and a razor to make it a bit nicer...
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We did one of these of the happy couple for their engagement party. i believe the site does have instructions on how to set you printer to avoid the margins...
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Okay, I can't believe nobody has mentioned the fact that he has a motorcycle .... parked .... in what appears to be his living room.

Seriously, wtf?
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cz: "i printed it out at work…let them pay for the ink!"

I may not be a Bush supporter, but this is stealing. Where do you beging, where do you stop? If you're not happy with your company, quit it.
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hear hear sam, take it as a subtle characteristic of your average neatorama poster: "something huge? WOW! shiny? wow!" Nevermind this guy is a complete douche for positioning his black crotch rocket in the most demure of postures to remind us of how cool he is. oh and as for liking the boondock saints? hurry up and find something else to be proud of irish people, rather than remaining a bunch of gangsters who really hate black people.
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Brandon... stfu

I'm Irish, as in actually from Eire not Boston, so find your comment offensive. The film is good although the fake Irish accents are terrible (especially Billy Connelyy - why didn't he just stay Scottish?). There's a great documentary that accompanies the film showing how big a di*k the guy that made it was and how the film pretty much got canned.

I love the mural, my friend just got me a canvas print of that shot as a Xmas present (hence I stunmbled across this page doing a google image search). I thought it was a pretty cool gift until I now see I could have had it wall to ceiling for free - who doesn't print stuff using the office printers?

I'll have to start planning what images I shall now cover all the walls of my house in...
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