Cuy bien.

CBS reports on the annual Peruvian guinea pig (cuy) festival -- and it's not just about running on a little wheel or navigating mazes; it's about who tastes best "grilled, fried, [or] baked":

Peru's celebration of the guinea pig included contests for the biggest, the best-dressed _ and the tastiest. The second annual festival of the cuy, as guinea pigs are known in the Andes, brought brass bands into the streets of highland Churin on Sunday to celebrate all things related to the furry rodents.

"Zero cholesterol! Protein for anemia!" Teresa Figeroa shouted from under her woven, flower-lined hat.

For 20 soles ($7), she sold plates of guinea pig fried, grilled, baked _ even cuy au vin _ with generous helpings of Andean potatoes and large Peruvian corn called choclo.

Image from Weird News Today

In addition, Cuy also tastes digusting! Like an extra tasteless rabbit. If you are ever in Puru, do not order cuy baked. It's as if they kill it and toss it in the, head and all....
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Well, I live and work in Peru (for the past 2 years), and I can say that I love cuy. As with any meat, it depends on how it's cooked and the kind of spices you like. BBQ cuy is one of my favorites.

You will get this some place they will be eating what in another place is considered a "pet" or "cute animal". Cuy isn't for everyone...just as deer, snake, alligator, possum, or turtle may not be for everyone in the US, even though it's eaten there.

If you are a bit adventurous and find yourself in Lima...I suggest getting the cuy at Astrid y's a fillet of the cuy meat, and has an amazing taste.
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They also eat it in Ecuador, where I grew up. As a running joke amongst my friends and I, the cuy we tried had a distinctly KFC-ishness to it, which is what KFC really stands for: Kentucky Fried Cuy.

Honestly, the smell is quite similar (at least, the one I had)...
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Loved the KFC comment--I had cuy in Otavalo, and it was tough and gamey, just like squirrel here in Kentucky !!!!!!!!! Kinda looked like a small squirrel too.
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Am i the only one disgusted here by the idea of eating a flesh-popsicle??? Here's a hint: if it doesnt taste any good, maybe you shouldnt be eating it!!! Im confussed as to how people could look at that picture of an animal burning to death and think...mmmm...tasty!?
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Your right, gail. They were probably killed far more inhumanely than that. Silly me.
P.S Debating on "how" they were killed beforehand personally is irrelevant in swaying my feelings on the matter. It's still disturbing. Full stop.
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Kristy, I wasn't trying to argue you into liking the idea of eating meat. I was just responding to your "burning to death" comment, which was obviously incorrect. Lots of societies kill animals and eat meat, and you have every right to judge them on that basis according to your personal beliefs.
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