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Feed the Head, a Creatively Silly Flash Game.

Feed The Head is a wonderfully strange Flash website - I don't know if there's a point to it, but see if you can make the head walk.

Link [Flash] - Thanks Dumidu!

Path to head walk:

1) Click and drag the nose to pull it off. Repeat this process. The noses you get will be weirder and weirder. Play around with them if you want, but the one you stop for is the tree nose.
2) When the tree nose comes, stop and wait for it to fruit. Then click and drag the fruit one by one (order does not matter) into the mouth.
3) Hover your mouse at the top of the head until a little pig tail grows out. Click and drag on the ball at the top of the tail to open the head. At this point, a white arm should emerge from behind the ear. Still clicking and dragging, deliver the tail-ball to the hand of the ear-arm.
4) Wave the mouse over the various feet that emerged from the head. At some point, a ball will pop into frame.
5) Click and drag ball to the feet. At this point, if you did it right, the Flash zooms out a bit. Let the feet play with the ball if you want.
6) Unplug the tail-ball from the ear-hand. Then, wait for a green tail to emerge from the back of the head next to the floor. Click on the tail. The head should rise up, revealing a bunch of feet.
7) Hover your mouse near the feet, which should send your head into a gallop.
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Keep it walking/running, and you'll get hurdles... if you jump over five consecutive hurdles, the head becomes a fish tank. I'm still trying to figure out what to do after I feed the fish, though. It seems like there's something there I'm missing.
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i love you darling and i love your site. however... even though i "beat it"

(to the woman who's stuck on the fish, feed all the fish and go from there)

i'm still wondering what just happened.
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