Fatherhood: Lessons from the Animal Kingdom.

From National Wildlife Magazine, here are the Top 10 Animal Fathers: Lessons from America's animal kingdom in how to be a superdad. For example:


When the tide's in, the lumpsucker (a stout-bodied, tadpole-shaped fish found in our northern coastal waters) isn't much different from other fish dads that aerate their eggs by fanning them with fins or tail. When the tide recedes, however, the lumpsucker goes the extra mile by staying put. He remains with his eggs by attaching himself to the rocks with a sucker formed from his pelvic fins, a kamikaze move exposing him to hungry gulls and crows.

Link - via Miss Cellania (topic of the day: Fatherhood)

And of course, before they become fathers, they need to make babies first, so check out Neatorama's 30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits.

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