What is It? Game 25.

This week's collaboration with What is It? Blog brings us this strange, spiky contraption. Can you guess what it is? For more clues, please visit What is It? Blog.

No T-shirt this week, you're playing for bragging rights only (Congrats to Chief-Ten-Bears and Randall who won last week's game)

Update 6/16/07: It's a polyhedral sundial - congrats to laini #1 who got it right.

It is an Omnimopometer, used for transducing intersteller space prior to the discovery of Edwerkel's unsolveable quotient. While many oldsters still swear by the 'peter'it was found to have a base 6 flaw which had the alarming effect of reversing the hearing of one traveler in 16,000,000. I had one made of malachite.
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This is the Grand Prize Trophy for an extreme hacky sack game variation. You must keep the "ball" in the air whilst kicking it at your opponents in hopes of impaling their feet/limbs/etc., to knock them out of competition. Extra points are awarded for neat tricks and/or castrating your opponent.
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it is twelve sided, so possibly not a calendar, not a single month sun dial, but a sun dial with a different face for each respective month? (I'm not sure about the bottom, which appears to be now mounted, but possibly two months in the year have identical solar what evers?
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I think it's a model of a Carbon molecule. I don't know anything about molecules or atoms or anything like that, but this was the very first thought that popped into my head.
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