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Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

Here's a "pulitzer-worthy" project from The West Virginia Surf Report:

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
Each item was purchased, taken home, and photographed immediately. Nothing was tampered with, run over by a car, or anything of the sort. It is an accurate representation in every case. Shiny, neon-orange, liquefied pump-cheese, and all.

Link - via core77

The roast beef cheddars around here are made much least they're not soggy-looking. The subway sandwich looked basically the same except that the bread was covering some of the lower ingredients (but you could still tell they were there)...also the Nachos Bell Grande doesn't have green onions on it because of the whole e coli thing a while back...they need to bring them back. =\
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I still wonder every time I read people goes to eat at the fast foods. Really I cannot understand how one can choose to go eat such stuff.
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I thought of this a couple of years ago. All I do now is when I order, I tell the person at the register that "I want it to look like that"
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Food photographers and "stylists" earn a lot of money making restaurant food look fabulous! My daughter owns a well-known restaurant and is often featured in magazines, and in all cases, a food photographer and stylist are on hand to enhance what already to me looks like amazingly delicious food and to make it look even more fantastic. So, of course, fast food places are also going to use the services of someone like that to prettify their offerings. I also never eat fast food (only slow) like some of the other people who are commenting, but I love the project.
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Fast food is great, bad for you, but great. It's amazing that people can live off that stuff, but eh, c'est la vie. Their vie.
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Very true, my good friend is a "food" artist for a regional cafe...they usually TRY to start with food, but if they can't get it just perfect in time for the photo shoot for a new menu, they almost always go to completely artificial means to make it look great. It's pretty amazing work she does, though; even I have trouble telling which is real and which isn't.

Of course, a national chain would likely just do one or the other, because it does take a good amount of money to try both.

As a side note, while I don't eat at places like McDonalds or Burger King, I would far rather have a 6-inch turkey sandwich from Subway on those days that I have very little time to prepare food than just eating snack food at my house.
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I remember being amazed during a visit to Great Britain years ago, the Big Mac that I got at a McDonald's over there actually looked like the burgers in the ads. Had never seen one like it before or since. Should've taken a picture.

Oh, and it was real food. Tasted just like any other Big Mac I'd had!
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"...taken home..."

How far does this person live from the fast food joint? There's a reason that it is called "fast food," you know. Only retards would think food would taste and look the same after some (possibly long) time has passed between the purchase and the consumption. The same holds for how it appears in a photo. Logic is apparently a rare commodity...
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The guy should find an In n Out burger joint (California, Arizona or Nevada) Every burger they sell looks as good as their advertising pictures--honest!
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