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Toddler Terrorized Monks.

Here's a tale of toddler behaving badly: It took a group of 10 Buddhist monks a whole week to create an intricate sand art. They were half done, that is, until a two-year-old toddler arrived!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Classic ... another freaking unsupervised kid doing something stupid. WTF is it with parents these days? So many are just so quick to let their kid do whatever the hell they please, without caring. I'm not saying all parents ... but I bet the ratio of bad parents is probably %75.
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Seriously.. Parents these days.. In a different video coverage on this topic, after the toddler went and destroyed the work of the monks, the parent instantly came and took the kid away.
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I think this is what the monks were looking after. Their already pretty big spiritual journey suddenly had gotten a lot steeper. They should be thankful for this opportunity to prove their faith. (j/k).
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Fox News truly disgusts me. This is by far the WORST job of newscasting I've ever seen. Not even kidding.

My local (non-Fox) news ran this same story, but only as a "Before we go" thing for 20 seconds at the end of the show, just like it should have been. There was absolutley no need for this to be a major story of the night. That's what's wrong with Fox. They need to get their priorites straight. They don't bring news, they bring glorified gossip to millions.

Give the kid a break! You'd probably do the same if you were a toddler. You'd think these reporters would lock the kid up for life for this.

I was really almost insulted when they added in the music during the shot of the kid dancing. They are mocking the kid and the art, turning the story into something it's not. It's like adding in cartoon effect when some one falls over. Not funny. The kid will have to live with this ridiculed, "criminal" image Fox has given him forever.

Sorry for the rant, but these people tick me off in a big way.
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"when the toddler mistook the sandart, for a dance floor".

I hope that wasn't the parents official excuse, because That kid KNEW what it was doing. It walked up to the art and deliberately stomped on it with one foot, then shuffled his feet to smear it with his shoes as he left. He wasn't dancing. One evil little jerk.
Every time i see this crap, it makes me hate retarded unsupervising parents even more. And sadly, they are in great abundance.
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"You’d probably do the same if you were a toddler."

No. My parents would have spanked me in public if I'd gotten anywhere near the area clearly marked off by the velvet ropes.

Likewise, my own children would never have been more than an arms length away from me when they were that age, at least not in public.

This is another case of a parent too lazy to watch their own child. You don't wait until the house is on fire to tell a child not to play with matches. This really isn't any different.
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A two year does not have the cognitive abilities to understand what it did, but the parents CLEARLY should have been paying attention.

The real tragedy here, though is what the brutish Chinese government did to Tibet. They invaded it and brutalized the people who were unable to escape. the world did nothing, since Tibet has no oil or military significance. Basically the same Chinese Government more-or-less that we play kissy-face with, though now they pretend to be budding capitalists.
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Little kids do dumb, bad things all the time to see what things are made of and to see what they can get away with. Parents sometimes get distracted. Usually those two things coincide in the safety and privacy of home. Fortunately the kid didn't run off in a part of the station where he could end up on a train track.
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What so funny is, that most of you try to be high and mighty about this matter (NO, my parents always had me on a leash, I would NEVER loose sight of my kid) the monks actually having to repair the damage were like: "Well, no big deal. *shrug*"
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It is really not a big deal. The sand art is a mandala that the Buddhist monks destroy (anyway) shortly after its creation as an example of impermanence in this lifetime. Its whole purpose was to be danced on.
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