Deflector Flash Game.

[Embedded Flash Removed]

Deflector is proof that a game can be simple and fun. The instruction is simple: draw a line to deflect enemy fires from your planet.

Can't see the Flash game? Click here: Link

Update 5/19/07: Sorry guys, I didn't realize how much problem the embedded flash would cause - it worked all right on my pre-scheduled test post. I'm out of town and didn't get to check how it was till now (late at night). It's removed, with my apologies.

Why does this game automatically open/begin when I go to Neatorama? Normally I should have to click a link to get into things. Instead, I come to Neatorama and am forced to listen to this game.
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Ya, I found the autoplay extremely jarring. Please simply provide a link to the game page. I have to say, I'll rue visiting Neatorama until I don't have to turn down my speakers before the audio barrage begins.

Neat game, though.
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What they said. Please post a link instead of putting unwanted noise makers directly on the page.

I'll come back in a day or two when it's gone.
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Terrible Web design here. Even opening the other videos through their links forces us to close the main Neatorama page in order to get peace and quiet. A good lesson on how to make a multimedia blog instantly unusable. See you tomorrow.
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wow Im seriously suprised by the level of crying goin on here! I cant imagine it being too difficult to block the game using adblock if you all think its that bad. or just use the permalinks on the other articles to view them undisturbed. or maybe view neato in a blog reader to avoid the game! sheesh there are a dozen ways to avoid this if anyone really wanted to.

also in the months since ive discovered neatorama the only time I see massive comment posting is from people that WANT something (like the joost invites) or from people that just want to complain....
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I don´t understand? Why don´t you comply with the wishes of your many loyal readers? Getting rid of the noisemaker isn´t gonna make the people who don´t dislike it mad or anything... You´re only bugging the crap out of the ones who don´t like it for no reason whatsoever... This is one of the few sites I check out every day, but if I´m to expect this kind of audio-intrusion I might have to reconsider... Cumauughnn, do the right thing already, eh?
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Eeek! Sorry, guys - it's removed now. I didn't realize how much trouble this embedded flash game would cause (it's the first one ever on Neatorama).

And to make things worse, I'm out of town with little Internet access (just checked the site today, so far a lot of the pre-scheduled posts went up okay, with exception of this little baby.)

Anyhow, sorry again! It's gone now.
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Just passing by.

I see nobody bothered to thank Alex for taking the embedded flash out.

Thanks, Alex, for all of your hard work, in providing people with free entertaining stuff.

So you messed up with a link once. Big deal. Keep up the good work.
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Agreed, but this site does have one major flaw: it's too much to handle.

Visiting Neatorama is like walking along the beach looking for shells, and being hit by a tsunami of awesomeness.
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