Archive for May 19th, 2007

Mathematicians Pictures.

Mathematicians Pictures is a unique gift shop catering to mathematicians and math geeks. Some greeting cards, t-shirts, and posters are hard for a non-math person to follow, but this American Pi mug should appeal to ever...

Gruesome Taxidermy by Sarina Brewer.

Taxidermy artist Sarina Brewer creates some fantastic creatures, like two-headed squirrels, chimeras (like this cat/chicken "griffin" to the left), as well as other more gruesome yet fascinating sculptures.Link...

Burnin = Indoor Burnout

Some Norwegian guys doing a motorcycle burnout in their living room - or maybe it's someone else's living room, who knows? Link [YouTube] - via Videofeber...

Yahoo! Green

Yahoo! Green, a site to motivate and help people creating their own plans to go green. Link - via

How to be an Alaskan Fisherman.

Photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold has an awesome photo esssay on his experiences as an Alaskan fisherman, considered one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in America.

Fish and Rice Cakes.

A competitive bodybuilder explains his diet in depth. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Knife Writer (Thanks, Jan!) (You may need to push "permalink" to hear this over the Deflector game)...

Sideshow World.

Sideshow World is an online museum and archive of the circus and carnival sideshows of the past. You’ll find pictures, stories, and links about performers and exhibits, and daily updates. Link -via the Presurfer...

Best Xbox Ever.

Microsoft is scheduled to release a special edition Xbox for 'The Simpsons' movie. Only 100 will be made. As seen on LA MJC....

Deflector Flash Game.

[Embedded Flash Removed]Deflector is proof that a game can be simple and fun. The instruction is simple: draw a line to deflect enemy fires from your planet. Can't see the Flash game? Click here: LinkUpdate 5/19...

Finger Tattoo of an Amputated Limb.

This guy turned his amputated hand into a finger with a giant tattoo of a fingernail!

Pac-Man Skeleton.

This Pac-Man skeleton was developed by Le Gentil Garçon and paleontologist François Escuilié, modeled after skulls of predatory animals!Link (warning: site navigation is difficult and annoying, but t...

The Vinegar Robot

The Tamanoi Vinegar Robot, from buildup Co., Ltd., is the world’s first robot designed to make presentations about vinegar. The mouth of the 180 cm (nearly 6 ft) and 100 kg (220 lb) heavy robot moves in syn...


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