Ghostly Angel?

When retired policeman Andy Key took a trip to Rome, he took a photo of an address by the Pope and discovered a stunning image of a ghostly angel.


A retired policeman? Rome? A photo? Wow! It must be real.

Seriously, how is this neat? It doesn't even look like anything... just some sort of white smudge or reflection.

You guys have a bad habit of posting BS images usually with some sheepish explanation such as, "I don't know if its real or not, but..."
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It's true that we could do better. We should definitly post about all that BBC reporter who went crazy because a scientologist wouldnt let him talk or something like that.

Anyway... I guess that what mrgoodbar was trying to say is that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof".
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If you look closely the "bust" line of the "angel" conforms perfectly to the edge of the wall behind it. It's obviously a reflection off of someone elses digital camera's lcd screen. There's a massive light source directly above the crowd. Cop must know some crap pro-photogs and not know the difference between the words "revealed" and "noticed".
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ok, so it's obviously not a sign from god or literally an angel or anything, but i think sometimes it's neat when you see coincidental pictures in things like that. It's like cloud watching and seeing things in the cloud, or a crumpled sock that looks like abraham lincoln. I think it's kind of neat. thanks alex
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So it's probably not an angel, and a perfectly reasonable explanation can likely be found for it. But why the inordinately hostile reactions to it. It's a photograph that somebody thought was "neat", and it got posted on Neatorama. Get over it, people.
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Also, the article's misleading. The Pope has a separate building where papal audiences are held (right next to St Peter's).

Maybe the Angel should have asked for directions.
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If you look carefully, the light is arrayed on several different pillars, and different depths and angles in the photo. It's really nothing more then our brains associating several random shapes that happen to be squashed together as a familiar outline. Now, if the whole 'ghost angel' were floating in front of the pillars, or was on the floor or a flat wall, it would be quite different. We see what we want to see. Theres no use arguing about the direction of the light being impossible- it's obviously comming from several different sources, and the angel is brilliant, otherwise it would look like several window-shapes next to one another. And if the 'photo experts' can't figure it out, they are obviously not experts. ;)

My Aunt tells a story of a friend of hers who took a picture of the clouds out of an airplane window. She got the pictures developed (back in the days when digital was just getting started) and when the picture came back, Jesus was standing in the middle of the clouds, plain as day, in vibrant, living colour. My Aunt later discovered that developers will occasionally add Jesus to cloud pictures as a running inside joke.

In any case, it's certainly interesting and amusing to think that people will freak out over rays of light. Guess theres still some innocence in the world.

. . .And that's what's really neat about this picture :P
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OK, I have a real one that looks like an Angle playing an instrument and its at night. This happened when I was trying to get night pictures of some old oaks for screen savers. Weird orby things all over the place also. Iam an Athiest though and it was at my friends place. gave me the willies as I saw nothing till after uploading the images.
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