What does this sign mean?

I don’t know, either, but there are some suggestions in the comments at Flickr. Link -via Reddit

I think it's a warning for planes urinating on vehicles.
But because of the fancy star by the car, it's either clean, new or it's gas...and when said gas touches the vehicle it explodes.
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A warning not to get in the way of the airplane's tow cable, which is towing aerial advertising banners e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRxaGiO1WTk
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It might be in an area frequented by cropdusters who fly very low over the ground.

Nah, who am I kidding, it's the poopoing planes.
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The plane appears to be dropping a hand grenade on the car. Perhaps it's a warning about single-engine crop-bombers?

Or maybe it's a warning about planes that leak lavatory waste.
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I am a glider instructor and this is a warning to motorists to watch for the tow rope attached to the end of the tow plane as it is landing. The rope has a metal ring on its end. The profile drawing is a Piper Pawnee if anyone is interested. Could be a banner tow plane as well but the tow plane doesn't usually land with the banner tow rope attached. A glider tow plane almost always lands with the rope attached. Some tow planes have internal reels to wind in the rope, but such is not all that common.
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Yes, this road would be next to a runway used for gliders. Powered aircraft tow the gliders up to altitude using a tow rope, as depicted in the sign. The risk would come from possible cable breaks, or emergency launch abortions mid-launch, etc...
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That's really stupid.
Why don't they have a way of retracting the tow rope once the glider has been released?

I like the pooping theory better.
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I am sure you are all wrong. This is a warning to Pilots of low flying planes (hence the standard street sign) that they are at risk of being shot down by suspicious black cars. Notice the explosion and projectile path. This sign must be in an area where there is a high rate of car vs. plane drive by shootings.
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Obviously the sign warns pilots to properly anchor their planes onto cars. Don't want to have them lil' planes flopping 'round when the big wind comes.

You guys are fun! Thanks for making my day.
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LOL. Nice try guys, However I have it figured it out! I'm a fake billionaire doctor and hired the world’s top scientists to decipher the sign. After several months at a particle physics lab, the conclusion was as follows....

The sign is actually indicating a warning to planes. They should be carefully of low flying cars made from rubber. As you can see from the illustration, the plane isn't damaged; from the collision the fragile plane simply bounced off the rubber vehicle and the curved line suggests a typical trajectory of such an incident.

Following this now-obvious discovery I've approached the US government to amend this standard sign so the word DANGER is alter to BOING!!

I expect George Bush is already arranging an emergency meeting and a live Whitehouse broadcast to be aired shortly on this matter.
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Wrong again chaps, this sign means "Danger, trying to tow cars with propeller aircraft is a really bad idea." however it could also mean "Danger, Shiny cars may distract pilots." or finally. "Danger, pimped out car aerials may smite planes".

Probably the first one though!
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Or possibly a warning that romatic pilots are proposing marriage in the area with engagment rings at the end of ropes. In fact the ring in the sign must be of a large carrat - just look at the shine!
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The airplane depicted is a Piper Pawnee which is commonly used to tow advertising banners. The airplane is obviously in a dive atitude to pick up the banner with a hook trailing behind the airplane. A glider tow plane or a banner tow airplane landing would not be is such a nose low atitude. The Pawnee depicted is diving, will pitch up and the hook will swing between two poles on the ground and catch a rope strecthed between the two poles. The rope is connected to the banner and the plane will pull the banner off the ground. The sign is probably placed to keep people from driving onto the banner pick-up area.
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I am a brainsurgeon. The photos is suggesting the driver of the car is about to be my next patient if they don't stay clear of the tow ring.
Perhaps the photo could be more graphic and show blood being scattered.
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