Archive for April 15th, 2007

Emily Fox's Speedstacking Video.

Emily Fox held world record for speedstacking, where a player stacks plastic cups into pyramids in a pre-determined sequence, before it was broken in 2006 by Robin Stangenberg of Germany. Here's the clip of Emil...

Rotating Eco-Home.

Inventor Robin Hamilton has designed a three-story rotating house that will generate more electricity than it uses. The house will follow the sun in order to collect the maximum amount of solar energy, and will use win...

Reynaldo Ojeda and Claudia Lopez.

An amazing performance. Reynaldo Ojeda and Claudia Lopez are professional salsa dancers from Bogota, Columbia. That's about all I can find out about them with my limited language skills. I also found out that Google wi...

Adult Rocking Horse.

For parents who miss the carefree days of their youth, Celery Furniture offers this adult-sized rocking horse. Reliving your glorious toddler years won't come cheap though - the cheapest version starts at $725 and t...


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