African Clawed Frogs.

All About African Clawed Frogs is a site for owners and breeders of African Clawed Frogs, or Xenopus. I didn’t know they made such great pets! These frogs have no teeth or tongue. They shove food down their throats with their forearms. Learn where to buy frogs, how to care for them, and how to identify illness in your frog. There’s even a frog adoption center! Link -via J-Walk Blog

I think these are the little monsters are sold (or used to be) at WalMart.

Little tiny things as babies, and they never tell you how big they get. You just find out after they eat all your other fish.
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Back in the day African Clawed Frogs were used as a pregnancy test for humans. More on that can be found at Wikipedia:

On another note... I worked in a herp lab for a while in college and took care of one of these guys - watching them franticly wave crickets into their mouths was always a funny thing to watch. As a pet I guess if you like other kinds of aquarium critters a Clawed Frog would be pretty interesting.
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DJ - the ones commonly sold in Walmarts are not the clawed frogs but rather the smaller cousin Dwarf Frogs. Those never grow larger than about an inch and aren't as prone to "Houdini" acts in climbing out of their tanks like the clawed frogs.
Clawed frogs are actually banned in a number of states, including California because they become problematic candidates for species invasion when they get loose and can mess with local wildlife populations. Last thing we need is another "Cane Frog crisis" like the one they're dealing with over in Australia.
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I have 2 African clawed frog one is green one is elbino,the green is a male the other a female and hse is recently getting black spots on her back like the green this wierd considering she is white,let me know if this a problem or she is ok? Thanks!

And I personally love my frogs they eat from my hand and sit in it to have their tummy rubbed!!!!
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an advert i found - if anyone would want a clawed frog, this one is going free by the owner with tank :)
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These Frogs are highly invasive and also carry a disease that is wiping out native frogs. I hope that the people responsible for this site will remove this item, and that people will refrain from purchasing these frogs. They are largely responsible for the demise of amphibian populations around the world!
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I have four of these guys! I just got them about two months ago. They haven't grown that much but they're gettin there! I have a couple of minnows in there that I caught at the pond by my house. I luv to watch them eat; I can do it for hours!
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