What is It? Game 18

This week's collaboration with What is It? Blog brings us this strange metal object - for dimensions and another photo from a different angle, check out: What is It? Blog.

Guess what this strange object is and win a Free Neatorama T-Shirt! Place your guess in the comment section, but please, post no URL - let others play. The answer will be revealed tomorrow!

Update 4/6/07: The answer is ... nutcracker!

Nutcracker, placed on the knee when seated, a nut is set in the hole and then struck with a hammer. In the winter, these were warmed by the fire before using.

It's a bole shoe for a Moraxion rohglehornica, a combination woodwind precussion instrument used by Morax shepherds to call in their flocks. In the 1800's the Morax finally donesticated dogs and stopped using the quarter ton pig iron istruments and they were abondoned to rust. However some survied when building were built around them and they found a second live as kilns for love fetish dolls used in Morax courtships. Modern use has seen them played once more, but due to their association they are used as background music in risque Morax movies, as their sound resembles the bleating of sheep.
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I think it's a shoulder shield. You'd need two of them. The recessed knob areas would support pieces of a crossbeam. Kind of like a slightly more tech-savvy version of the stick across the shoulders with water buckets hanging down either side. This doo-hickey would help stabilize the load and distribute the pressure.
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A new DRM tool for the RIAA to attach to compact discs?
The world's first attempt at a pencil sharpener?
A tiny volcano. Part of a "toys for insects" movement?

Personally I'd use it as a paperweight. You have my curiosity soaring you know.
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wait a minute.where is your evidece, your expert museum person . where is the photo of another. Sorry ,it's a nutcracker is not enough. what kind of nut? acorn? brazil ,pecan how about a pistachio or a delious filbert i think maybe not
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