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Push the Big Red Button.

What happens if you press the big red button on this Cox & Forkum's cartoon? Find out for yourself: Link - via Who Tends the Fire

Thanks, Alex for linking to one anti-Islamist cartoon for a change. But I'd much rather you stuck to the pop stuff rather than anything political and potentially inflammatory - left or right. Cox and Forkum are brilliant cartoonists, combining sharp insight with clever and artful illustration. They're also very consistent in their output and generally don't produce many duds, unlike a lot of political cartoonists.
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What is it with you and the right wing blowhard entries? First you feature a chart from an economist who uses outdated information and ignores even the information he cites, now you're into torturing "Others" - which seems really strange considering that the Brits held by Iran were treated a hell of a lot better than the Iranians we're holding. How about a post on Doug Feith's lies (just released by the Senate) or Dick Cheney hiding in the shadows like Darth Vader ever time W makes a public appearance (really spooky when the press caught that on camera two days ago).
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Wow - and now censoring the comments! Too funny.

For those of you who think I'm fulminating, the word **** in the previous comment is Cheney's first name, universally used by all, even Readers' Digest, the American Legion, Michelle Malkin, and all the good Reverends, but unfortunately spelled just like a male sexual organ - not my fault he chose that rather than Rick....
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You're right, fatbear - Neatorama uses a wordpress plugin called politifier. Unfortunately, it comes with a standard set of words that got censored. I've delisted "Dick" from the filter as it certainly doesn't belong there in this context.

Regarding right wing blowhard entries, not long ago Neato was criticized for having left wing blowhard entries. So, we must be doing something right when we piss off both sides.
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Alex - pissing off both sides could also mean you're (Neato, not you personally) are doing lots wrong - criticism isn't a safe harbor. As Jeff says, bad taste is wrong on both counts.
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