Archive for April 3rd, 2007

Stygian worlds / Elderlands

Stygian worlds is an upcomming Mmorpg ( Massively multiplayer role playing game ) created by the game developer Jason Ely ( Aka: Lothgar ). The game will be in 2D isometric and it will be atrociously fun... and you can a...

Vintage Board Games.

Before video games were invented, board games filled their place and often reflected pop culture trends (such as with this Addams Family game). The "Trash Collector", a purveyor of vintage books and pop culture Memo...

A Beastly Transformation.

Defenders of Wildlife is a non-profit environmental group. To get your notice, they offer an animated morphing application that can change your picture into one of 20 wild animals! I turned one of my children into a pa...

Office Aquarium.

Time to put your fish to work: put 'em in this office aquarium, complete with desk, computer, lamp, chair and potted plant!

Portable Toilet with Heated Seat and Water Spray.

Japanese toilet maker Toto made this portable toilet with heated seats and water-spraying bidet combo! The whole thing only weighs about 44 lb. (20 kg) so it can be moved from hospital room to hospital room quickly.If on...

6 Economists Everyone Should Know

Sure, the next time you're laid off, salaried down, underbudgeted, or wearing hand-me-downs, you could blame the economy. But why pick on the economy when you can pick on the economist instead?1. Adam Smit...


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