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"Pastafarian" Sent Home from School for Wearing Pirate Outfit.

Bryan Killian, who one day went to school wearing an eye patch and pirate accessory (um, an inflatable cutlass), was sent home. Now he's fighting back, saying that the school violated his Freedom of religion:

“I feel like my First Amendment was violated,” Killian, 16, said. “Freedom of religion and freedom of expression. That’s what I tried to do, and I got shot down.”

Freedom of religion?

Yes, Killian says, his “pirate regalia” is part of his faith — the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The parody religion, whose “Pastafarian” members worship a sentient, airborne clump of noodles and meatballs, originated in a letter to the Kansas school board urging it to add the religion to its plans to teach evolution and intelligent design side by side.


(Image credit: Steve Dixon)

The "Church" of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a religion, it's a parody; it exists only to make fun of Christianity. This kid isn't protecting his religion, he's just being a jack--- for the sake of looking cool. There may be no law against that, but it sure is bad manners. Christians can be a pain sometimes, but at least most of them are legitimately doing what they believe will ultimately help others. And I don't care what religion you are: mocking others isn't right, period. After all, the Golden Rule shared by just about all of the world's major religions states, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." These so-called "Pastafarians" are just adding more fuel to the fire -- they're not making anything better for anyone; they seem to exist solely to create conflict.
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His little "freedom of religion" spiel is complete bull****. I do, however, think his claim of "freedom of expression" has a little bit of weight.

But if the school has a dress code (or at least some sort of written rule about inappropriate attire), then they're in the right.
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Robert, like religions don't cause conflict anyways. Do I really need to post all of the wars that have been caused by religions. Do I really need to post how completely ignorant most religions are?
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Oh what the hell stupid. That crap is at least 3 years old now. IT was lukewarm to begin with, let the lame fad die.

If crap fads could die a little faster, the world would be 1/10000000000000000000000000'th of a percent less lame.

I feel a lot of pity for that kid. He's not cool, hes not even "nerd cool" hes just...headed for the shortbus to stupidland.
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Wars aren't caused by religions. Religions are used as the excuse for wars, by people who are full of hatred or greed.

As for this guy, it's more freedom of expression. If he sat there with his eye patch and maybe an unobtrusive pretend cutlass, he would probably have gotten away with it. But then, he wouldn't have proven his point, would he?

I'm all for the FSM, but that's just the 15 minutes of fame thing.
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Freedom of expression & freedom of speech? Please. The kid is just being an idiot, as is anyone else using "Pastafarianism" or the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" in an attempt to make a point.

Oh, and by the way, in what way is this "neat"?
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I saw this guy on the FSM message boards. Anyway, Robert: Pastafarianism is not against religion. It is for the separation of church and state (and education).

I think this is somewhat idiotic on the part of the kid, but the school too- it's just a freakin' eyepatch. Makes my school look like we could get away with murder.
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you may be right that freedom of religion doesn't cover a religion that isn't officially recognised, but what the hell kind of freedom is it if the government has to recognise the validity of your religion before you're free to practice it?
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"The “Church” of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a religion, it’s a parody; it exists only to make fun of Christianity"

The Church of FSM doesn't poke fun at Christianity per se; it pokes fun at subset of Christians who have been hoodwinked by so-called Intelligent Design.
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"It’s not a recognized religion, therefore it doesn’t count for freedom of religion."

How does one get a religion recognized? And recognized by whom? The Govt.? Is there a Ministry of Officially Recognized Religions?
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omg, another little r-tard who thinks hes being funny. whoopdie freakin doo, its distracting to other kids around him and its not a damn religion, its just a joke that people are following cuz they think it makes them funny.
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As much as I support this kid he has to realize that he has no rights at school, most importantly he has no freedom of speech.
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