What is It? Game 17

This week's collaboration with What is It? Blog brings us this .... clamp! But it's not just any clamp, this tool actually has a very specific use: can you guess what that is? Post your answer in the comment section - no URL, please! Let others play.

No prize this week, so you're playing for bragging rights. Congrats to Mordred who won last week's game.

Update 3/30/07: It's a book clamp to hold large books open while you read it! Here's the patent. No one got it right, although Jen #23 was the closest.

To me, it's a clamp with a handle. I could clamp some boards together, and be able to carry them around by the top piece. Hey. I bet you could clamp some boards together and use the handle to guide them through a jig saw, thereby creating two copies of the same cut.
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Looks like part of a book press, but it's missing the plates to hold the book flat. It's how you press fanned (from dampness) books back into shape!
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Its a Cebical clamp for sheep shoes. While most of the world can do without shoeing sheep, In the southwest Orkney islands shoeed sheep are the norm. In fact, sheering unshoeed sheep can cost a sheep sheerer their license and subject them to a hefty fine. The Cebical clamp spreads the chevix prior to placing the waft into the sheeps mizlet, thereby preventing Warkinson's complaint. (Not to be confused with Warkinsen's syndrome, which is a completly different matter and the basis of many unfunny jests.)
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