Henry Studley's Tool Chest.

You're looking at the amazing 19th-century tool chest built by piano maker, as well as master carpenter and stonemason Henry O. Studley:

Massachusetts piano maker Henry Studley built his magnificent tool chest over the course of a 30-year career at the Poole Piano Company. The chest lived on the wall near his workbench, and he worked on it regularly, making changes and adding new tools as he acquired them. Using ebony, mother-of-pearl, ivory, rosewood, and mahogany -- all materials used in the manufacture of pianos -- he refined the chest to the point that now, more than 80 years after his death, it remains in a class of its own.

Considering how many tools it holds, the famous chest is really quite small; when closed, it is just 9 in. deep, 39 in. high, and just more than 18 in. wide. Yet it houses so many tools -- some 300 -- so densely packed that three strong men strain to lift it.

Taunton Press, the publisher of Fine Woodworking, also has downloadable wallpaper for your monitor in addition to the article: Link - Thanks Daniel Kim!


I am myself a big fan of tools. Far too much of them lying around at my place. But this toolbox...is...just....the absolute dream. I cannot describe what amount of dedication, experience and LOVE have been put into this marvel of beauty. This is just gorgeous!
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Truly something to aspire to. My tools are all in one place, but to organize them like Henry... Wow. Just wow.

As I was looking at the photo and reading the article, I'm thinking, "no way could two men & a boy lift that beast." Then sure enough, ... three strong men strain to lift it.
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Wow! A fantastic piece of art and a great conversation piece. But perhaps not so practical, as it is so heavy and as the tools are packed very tightly together.
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