Archive for March 17th, 2007

Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt

Don't get too impressed. This was originally supposed to be the "Animated Gears of War Shirt" but by the time we strapped a 360 to the back of the shirt and added a flatscreen to the front it just wasn't feasible....

Vizcarra's Caricatures

He's one of my favorites, just go and see his fabulous art pieces and a completely new website: Link...

How To Unload An Excavator

A decidedly unorthodox (and brilliant, I might add!) tactic for unloading a heavy machine in Thailand... Via: VideoSift...

Ice that is Hotter than Boiling Water.

Researchers working on Sandia National Lab's Z Machine were able to create ice with a temperature higher than boiling water. "'The three phases of water as we know them—cold ice, room temperature liquid...


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