What is It? Game 15

This week's collaboration with What is it? Blog brings us this strange object - can you guess what it is? For more fun guessing game (and for dimensions clue on this object), check out What is It? blog.

[No prize this week - congrats to Kent who won last week's game]

Update 3/16/07: The answer is:

Aerial spacer cable insulator, allows the running of a three phase line in a minimum amount of space. The hook on the bottom left is hung on a steel messenger cable and the conductors are placed in the large inner grooves, with the small outer grooves being used for tie wires.

Congratulations to Chris who got it right!

Gothic Hanger! With the potential added ability to be used as a shuriken incase Ninjas appear to attack said Goth with a coat...trench coat that is.

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I think it's the ceramic separator they put between different high tension wires to insure they don't touch one another as they travel from pole to pole.
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Its a spline devolator. Its used to creumbulate dipole volitads. Its no longer used because the volitads come precreumbulated. You can buy these by the boxful at any flea market.
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You use it to pull out racks in a hot oven when you're needing to check on what you're baking. The little notch in the curve is used to push the rack back in. Perhaps this one is meant for something hotter than your average oven? Like maybe an industrial kiln, perhaps...?

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It is actually a "Turborang" A turbo-boomerang manufactured in the early eighties by Hasbro Industries. This toy, along with their "Lawn Darts" were removed from toy stores' shelves by court order.
I was nearly blinded by a neighbors' errant Turborang flight in 1983. Oh the frightful whirring that those blades cause, just seeing it posted gives me the willies!
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