Surgeon Stitched Her Phone Number into Patient!

When playboy billionaire Kurt Fulson had to undergo surgery after a snowboarding spill, Dr. Sandra Nemington, head of the surgical team couldn't resist leaving her phone number ... stitched into his leg!

"I saw him when he arrived for prep and couldn't resist leaving my info," Dr. Nemington said. "I imagine he gets a lot of numbers and I didn't want him to overlook mine."

Nemington insisted that the digits, artfully stitched, won't become part of Fulson's permanent scar in case things don't work out.

Yes, yes - the picture is a clever photoshoppery, but the story is a gem: Link - via Spluch

Update 3/12/07: The whole thing is fake. The link is to Yahoo!, but the story is from Weekly World News. Darn! I should've paid more attention. - Thanks Simon!

It's not just the picture that's fake. The story itself is all fake. The source: The Weekly World News. Come on! I love reading the WWN for pure entertainment value, but that's about it...
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not true. there is one number in the US that starts with 555 and it is Directory Assistance.. the number is 555-1212 and it works with any area code. i tested it on and i did a reverse lookup and it works
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