Say the Colors, Not the Words.

Oldie but goodie: Found at eBaum's World.

The left/right conflict story is so completely outdated that it is now inaccurate. I realize that was part of the image and not your addition, but they couldnt' have gotten that from any textbook written in the past 20 years.
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For those of you Nintendo DS users out there, Brain Age utilizes a stroop test among other things in calculating your brain age. The format used in the game is different though, the word is flashed and you must say the word then a new word appears and so on... the task is timed.

The stroop test is certainly not outdated and can still be found in quite a few general psychology books.
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Everyone keeps posting that this is 'so old', but is one of the key reasons as to why psychologists have analysed the way people think and close to finding out. Obviously none of you understand the way this works and how important it is.

Resulting in you should shut up about this and stop criticising it when obviously you are all thick.
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