Dog Pees Upside Down!

From the website:

Mrs Chen, of Changchun city, says 18-month-old 'Baby' began peeing in the new position just three months ago.

“He used to pee as other dogs do. But one day I found him putting both hind legs up onto the tree to pee," she told East Asia Business News.

"I thought maybe that was only for the one day. But from then on, unexpectedly, he would pee in that acrobatic position.”


My old dog used to pee like this. Our vet said it was probably abused by it's old owners and stuck in the kennel all day and the dog figured out if it peed in the corner like that it wouldn't make as bad of a mess.

Man i miss that dog... :(
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This is to make the pug "appear" as if it were a bigger dog (by peeing higher) to other dogs scent marking that post. Possibly the higher you go, the less marking as well, and your erm... scent stays around longer before being erm...masked by other marks.

yeah... its gross.
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My female rat terrier does this. She lifts her leg on any tree she can find and I'm convinced that she's a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that). She just acts like any male dog out there and since she's got different equipment, she has to modify how she goes in order to properly mark the trees.
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