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It's a big OREO-to-go!

The Oreo Big Stuf was a big Oreo cookie.

Click Play or go to Link [YouTube].

Question #1 > Does anyone remember these big cookies? Where'd they go?

Question #2 > Why'd they spell 'Stuf' with only one 'f'?

Because if they had spelled it "Big Stuff", they probably wouldn't have been able to either trademark it, or enforce the trademark. So Hydrox would have come out with their own "Big Stuff" oreo-knockoffs.
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Oooooh man, I miss those! When I was a girl our babysitter kept them in the freezer, and would give my brother and I one each after school. We were perfect little angels at her house...gee, I wonder why... ;-)

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I used to work in a bakery where we'd sell chocolate dipped things - pretzels, nuts and the thing that was the most popular were the chocolate dipped oreos. We did the regular oreos and we did these Big Stuf ones - they'd be dipped half in white coating and half in milk chocolate.

They were insanely large.
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OMG. You have no idea how happy I am to see this video. I have always vaguely remembered seeing these in the grocery store when I was maybe 4 years old and I never got one because I was too little for a cookie so huge. Anyway, I have reminisced with others and no one remembers these and I have even been accused, until today, of making these up! Thanks!!!
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The problem with them is the same problem Double Stuf isn't that big of a hit. They used the same amount of sugar and just doubled the "Filler" like shortening.

Double stuff leaves and greasy feeling on the roof of your mouth. They should have just used twice as much of the normal filling like the name implies.
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I remember these things! They were huge, and hard to eat. They were greasy, like someone else mentioned, and they were far to sweet. Little kids probably loved them, but I was a teen at the time.

A giant oreo seems like a good thing, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing!
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No kidding--where do you get them?! I want my old comfort food back!

Now if only they'd bring back Hydrox cookies (no, Droxies are NOT the same, either...) my comfort food pantry would be complete...

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i still get the oreo big stuf song stuck in my head all the time. that cookie was like my dream come true. i don't like regular oreos, i love the double stuf but this was the best. i'm about to go find out if i can get any online! whee!
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