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What is It? Game 11.

This week's collaboration with What is It? blog brings us this object (5-1/2 5" tall). What is this mysterious object?

[No t-shirt for this round - congrats to Fodder, who won the last round.]

Update 2/16/07:

The answer is ... match holder:

The box is hollow with a hole at the top and bottom, and the piece of wood sticking out the top is attached to the base at the other end. When filled with matches, the box is lifted up an inch or two and when lowered back down a match will be found resting on the top.

Seems like no one has gotten it right!

It's a shoe shine box. You can carry your wax and features in. Some "street" workers use it, put on the floor in front of a customer, you put your shoe on the box and then they clean and make your shoes shiny.

(sorry for my english it's not my native language)
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i definitely think its a tool box. it looks like the entire octagonal shape comes off and then rolls out flat when undone so you can get at your tools. its either that or a banana.
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Oh, this is a good one. Nope, not a ballot box. Not a toolbox either. And definitely not a banana!

BTW, I was told that it's not 5 1/2" tall - it's 5" tall.
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Tim Giachetti Says: "It’s grammas ***** storage box. Scarry thing is the ***** is made of wood too. (thank god the box is closed) sorta like grammas other box at her age."

Dude so not ok, I was in the middle of a drink and now the computer and the keyboard are sticky and covered in Mt. Dew...A waste of Mt. Dew!

Nearly died laughing. I am guessing it's a ***** storage box for a banana! A wooden banana...Grammy was a rebel!

*still laughing*

Perhaps a mail box?
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A cigarette dispenser. You fill the box with rolled ciggies from the side, then you pull the box up the wooden tongue. The tongue catches a smoke inside the box, then when you press the box back down, it presents it to you.
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Hmmm...I would have totally gone with a ballot box as well. It's perfect for one...locked from the outside, with the ballot stuffer sitting in the ballot hole. But he says it's not....

Is it something with money?
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