The World of Warcraft Phenomenon of Leeroy Jenkins.

Since I don't play World of Warcraft (WoW) [official website | wiki], I totally missed out on the Internet phenomenon of Leeroy Jenkins [wiki] that went 'round the Net a while ago. The story goes:

The clip begins with ten players, including Leeroy the Paladin, planning a raid on part of a dragon-filled dungeon. The players are heard discussing tactics (Abduhl notes, "We have a 32.33, repeating, of course, percent chance of survival", another remarks that it's better than they usually do.) before they enter, however, Leeroy remains quiet.

In real life, Ben Schulz was away from his keyboard and was not paying attention to the discussion. Just as the team begins discussing the final plan for its assault, Leeroy suddenly springs to life, shouting his battle cry of "Alright thumbs up, let's do this! LEEEROY JENNNNNKINS!".

He then charges fearlessly (or perhaps idiotically) into battle, to the complete and utter incredulity of his teammates. Attempting to rescue their comrade, the team charges in and attempts to execute their plan but they are quickly overwhelmed. At the end, Leeroy is chided by his allies for leading them to their deaths, and he responds with the famous line "At least I got chicken." Referring to his activity away from keyboard.

Leeroy Jenkins got so famous that he was even featured as one of the questions in Jeopardy!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] to see how Leeroy got everyone at his WoW raiding party slaughtered - Thanks Allan Sorensen!

The 'Leeroy Jenkins' incident was just a joke, it wasn't 'real.' 'Leeroy' wasn't actually away from the keyboard all that time. Basically, Pals 4 Life (the guild from the above clip) set up just to make a funny video. =)
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Fake or not, it's one of the most hilarious videos on the 'net if you're a WoW fan. :) But I doubt it's fake... I've seen it happen in almost exactly the same manner too many times in my own personal WoW experience. If it's fake, its accuracy is off the charts. :)
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WOW players are so strange. They get so addicted that many are grossly overweight, single or divorced. Their membership rolls are mostly comprised of old Ever quest players. They not only have to pay 50 dollars for the game, plus 40 dollars for each and every expansion pack, they have to pay 10 dollars a month to play. Many loose jobs due to playing all night and being hours late to work day after day.

All this from a company named Blizzard Software that hurried it through production due to Guild Wars being released by Guild wars to this day has 30 times the graphics, no monthly fees, with limits to help avoid game addiction.
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WoW is much more fun than Guild Wars. That's why people get more addicted to it.

Also, shill much? It sounds like you're on their bankroll. Thirty times the graphics? What a joke.
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In Guild Wars there is a quest where you have to aid Kilroy Stoneskin (an NPC). When we enter the Sorrow's Furnace he shouts: "Kiiiiillroooooy Stooooonekiiiiin!!", while rushing directly into a group of mobs!
Obviously a reference to Leeroy Jenkins.
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Hey Jimbo:

Jaded much? First off, how could most of the WoW players be old Everquest players when Everquest has only ever had 420,000 players and Warcraft has over 7 Million.

Secondly, there are far more casual, well balanced, educated and fully employed players on Warcraft than there are obsessive, dangerously addicted players.

Warcraft has limits that can be set by the account holder, so if someone believes they have a problem, they could set limits. But people who are unstable and addicted would not set them, nor would they be limited by them in any other game.

You should actually think before you speak, not just regurgitate South Park parody and tout your own game of choice.
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WoW is so boring, and I really tried to like it, but all of my friends are or were addicted to it. Most of them had to stop themselves because it was interfering with their jobs and schoolwork. I still have one friend that hasn't stopped playing, of course I haven't seen him in almost a year because he won't go out anymore. He literally plays all day and night. The last time I saw him he was incredibly thin and pale from not leaving his room, not even for food. Last year he said he had logged almost 100 days of game play. I know there are casual WoW gamers out there (I guess I was one of them when I played) but I've seen more addicted players than casual ones. There are even support groups for people who have lost their relationships/families due to WoW. It's kinda crazy.
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"Shill" much? "Jaded" much? Another MMORPG computer-geek phenomenon. Between saying the previous action and adding "much" at the end to the typed-WTFs and lifeless turds calling everyone who has responsibilities outside of WoW a "noob", the nerd culture must be obliterated by no less than a nuclear bomb, and replacing their domiciles with health-smoothie stands....C'mon WoW geeks: "Follow the herd 'much'? WTF? Yes your character is level 70, but you have zits on your back. Lotion much?
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serious. get a life, you guys. i used to be a sex-less nerd like you but when i quit Ultima Online for my job, I got my life back and today i'm married, have a kid and we have our own apt. =) you can do it too i know u can =D
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Wow... if you think its accuacy is off the charts, you're dumb lol.

First off, if you read the text in the chat logs in guild they are saying "Get ready" "here we go" "WIPE TIME!!!!"

Then in vent they do a NUMBER CRUNCH? Thats just added to make it funnier. Same with devout shoulders.

Then paladins casting DI on mages so they can AoE when in reality DI makes the immobile?

Its obviously fake.
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Oh, and quit wow you fucks, its fucking lame now, the only good thing about it was End-Game content and they've ruined that with the expansions.

Instead of going dungeon to dungeon all the nubs could skip mc, bwl, aq, and naxx
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Thats some pretty intense comments going on there.

I play WoW only because my brother plays and sadly its the only way we can really interact these days because we live so far apart.

How about we all let people live the way they want to and stop criticizing and judging them. You may actually only know 2-3 people who play WoW so you can only judge by those people.. the rest you are just speculating. Leave em to do what they want, it's their choice not yours.
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First off, this was a stagged video and Leroy Jenkins spell like this got famous from the game Everquest 2 years before World of Warcraft came out. I was there and saw it all happen and it was a hell of alot funneir with 65-70 people on a raid.
It was the dungeon with all the dragons. (been awhile can't remember it's name) The raid leader was giving out instruckins for something like 20 minutes when this guy "Leroy Jenkins" got in a hurry and just rushed into this chamber full of dragons. After that it was history and funny as hell. Everyone was yell "Leroy you idoit!' After we all wiped he yelled back "AT LEAST I'M NOT CHICKEN!"

This is how it started. Not in World of Warcraft. Its alot funneir when theres 65-70 people and not just 10.
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