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Sending Mail with Coins Instead of Stamps.

What happens if you send a mail with the appropriate postage value in coins, rather than in stamps? Monkeyfaq has the answer: - via Reddit

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Whats funny is if look at the last picture on the site the 39 cents was still there. So they sent the letter for free (minus the tip). They found a way to beat the post office.
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Isn't it illegal for postal employees to accept gratuities? And wasn't Ilya offering a bribe if the post office "looked the other way"? As a loyal American, I have no choice but to report this incident to the Justice Department. Heads will roll!
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This probably wouldn't work in the UK, they'd send it but then hold it at the end sorting office until the recipient collected it and paid the missing postage. This happens as standard if a letter is sent with too little postage on it.
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About a month ago, I mailed a banana to a friend. I put about $3 in stamps on the peel, wrote the address on the peel, dropped into mail. It arrived a few days later. They had put it in a ziplock back. It had a small bruise on the side and they put in a long letter apologizing for any inadvertent damage to the banana. I guess this protects them from lawsuit.
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I've done this many times, especially when I was a kid. The only time I had any problems with it was when it wasn't sent because I had insufficient postage. All one penny's worth.

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I used to work at the post office and have run by quite a few letters with chage taped as postage. I would take it and replace it with a stamp. The bottom right was torn because of the machine it was fed through, the extra weight probably snaged something. Postal employees are alowed tips, people on ocasion would leave small amounts in their box or cookies around the holiday time, it is a very nice and apreciated gesture. Alot of work goes into getting mail out everyday and any sign of apreciation is always well apreciated.
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