Cartoon Ads Cause Bomb Scare in Boston.

What's up with Boston? LED boards featuring Mooninite character for Adult Swim cartoon "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" had been placed for weeks in 10 other US cities, but caused a bomb scare only in Beantown.

The devices displayed one of the "Mooninites," outer-space delinquents who make frequent appearances on the cartoon, greeting passersby with a raised middle finger. Nine were reported around Boston on Wednesday, sending police bomb squads scrambling and snarling traffic and mass transit in one of the largest U.S. cities.

Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll called Wednesday's incidents "a colossal waste of money." She had no immediate comment on whether any laws were broken but said police would investigate further.


Law enforcement clowns need to justify the huge amounts of money spent preparing non-existent threats. So it's more of a clueless-idiot-money-wasting-scare than a bomb scare.
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The "Ad's" were to promote the new movie coming out in the summer the new tag line: "AquaTeen: the movie that shut down Beantown" Dude the officals need to watch more AdultSwim! It should be manditory. They were described as "electrical circut boards with protruding wires" as well as "light-brite style renditions" of the Mooninites.

I nearly died. i just heard about this because I had Jury duty all day. i think this might have been MUCH MORE FUN!! I am so glad that I am not a reporter...LOL

WATCH MORE ADULTSWIM! Keep your city safe!

Meatwad rules!
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fear + unknown object = panic


If anyone gets charged, let's hope it is whoever told the police and the media to FREAK OUT over a LED Sign of an alien flippin' people off.
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Well, looks like they arrested him : Peter Berdovsky. I bet they're gonna come up with 1,001 b.s. excuses to charge him with stuff.

Here's Peters site, it's pretty cool. :

Also, look how the media photoshopped the mooninites :

Get your ATHF is the bomb T-shirt! :
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god, what morons they have running boston! i feel bad for the two guys arrested. that's just stupid. boston needs to chill out. the terrorists have won.
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They're emphasizing the fact that these were appearing on bridges, too. Pretty stupid to stick electronic devices on public places, and not tell anybody in advance, even if it was a colossal over-reaction.

I feel kinda sorry for the two "artists" whose job it was to put the things up (it's about as artistic as changing the numbers on a gas station sign).

They'll probably take the fall for the big companies who thought up this bad idea.
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Did it perhaps not occur to you that the person responsible for reporting the LEDs to the authorities was well into his 50s and not at all familiar with Adult Swim? For us, in our 20s, we were easily able to identify a cartoon character, whereas somebody living in Boston, from which the terrorist attacks on 9/11 emminated, who does not recognize the image, could be a little concerned. I live in Boston myself, and thought police response was adequate, although I knew what the devices were. In the event that those had been real bombs, the city would have avoided citizen deaths and liability that would have come from inadequate response. Good job on not seeing things from a completely myopic perspective.
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As you'll note in most reports, the devices had been up for 2-3 weeks in several cities, with no one reporting anything. It's beginning to look like the promoters were tired of the campaign not working, so they decided to take the next step and call the police to report it as a suspicious package.

If that turns out to be the case, they most definitely are liable. That's not clever marketing, that's just an attempt to cause a panic.

What's next? Are they going to hire these guys to run into a crowded theater and yell "Firestone"?
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Unmarked electronics without explanation hidden in public places without any branding whatsoever. These homemade boxes didnt' say adult swim or aqua teen hunger force on them they just had a mooninite giving you the finger.

Without any form of explanation invovled, duct taping a poorly constructed black box with a cartoon character to a concrete piling of an important, and highly visible bridge...being on the careful side is a little better.

Some people might have recognized them immediately but that doesn't mean, with the available information, that it was safe.
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The question is why did Boston officials clearly blow this thing out of proportion?

Couldn’t they have figured out from a quick examination of the first one it was just a small lit up sign, not a bomb. How can anybody be this stupid?

Good grief.

Somebody should charge all the police and bomb squads for that bill and for getting the community all worked up over nothing… simply terrible.

PS - I would like one of these things too, I'll stick it onto our town monument - maybe they'll call for a total evacuation!!
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they are going for upwards of $4000 on ebay now....and my take is this-i don't care if it was a 50 year old or a 10 year old that called it in it is OBVIOUSLY a cartoon. i don't think the terrorists would put that much creativity into something that was designed to blow you to smithereens. seriously do ya'll think that the terrorists "pimp their ride" before they do a car bomb? prob'ly not.
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In this case I think it's a good idea to not that in some way, everyone who has an opinon on this event is right.

Boston officials did blow the situation out of proportion by not examning the first board and taking the steps to calm the public and remove the remaining signs.

At the same time, the boards are a bit small for any decent examination on it's structure and as Debbie said, someone could take it the wrong way

Personally, I think it's hilarious. But if you take a step back and put the other factors in, it's really not as funny as initially thought. But one thing's for certain: I'm getting one of those alien shirts. hehehe >:)
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