Contact Juggling.

A very cool example of contact juggling [wiki] - Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via

Exactly what David Bowie was doing in Labyrinth. Well he hand his hands behind his back, while some guy had his hands out doing the tricks. He had to watch his hands thru a monitor. He said it was hard because the view was backwards and took many tries to get just right.
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This performer is very talented...though I've seen performances with many more contact juggling balls at was really huge a few years ago.

Michael, the balls can be made from different substances, but among the best are acrylic. You can check online for different sizes and colors, as well as contact juggling tutorials.
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Ooh yeah, and don't forget the ever popular fire contact juggling! (Sorry, I've become obsessed with fire arts recently) There is also contact fire staff which amazes me though I'm not so good at it yet.

contact fire juggling

contact fire staff
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The balls he used were acrylic - by the looks of it each were 3.5 in, which can set you back about $40 over at The behind David Bowie in Labyrinth is Michael Moschen, who happens also to have invented the art a few decades back.

Thanks for posting some CJ stuff!
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About 30 seconds into this, I was thinking, "this guy's good, but Michael Moschen ( is still the *god* of this." It's been 15+ years since I saw Moschen (on Great Performances), but I suspect this guy's pretty much on par with him. Oh, back then, jugglers I knew called this "ball manipulation." Heh.

If you can get your hands on it, that Great Performances is *awesome*.
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1) Michael Moschen did not 'invent' contact juggling, he made it famous.
2) Michael Moschen is the juggler who drops the torch in the movie "Annie" (1982)
3) Michael Moschen is a legend in his own mind, if you ask him his **** doesn't stink. i have worked with many people that have met Michael Moschen and they all say he is a stuck up jerk.
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Check out the juggling skillz of this critter who manages very nicely without even having opposable thumbs.
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