Philippe-Meste's (Gross) Art Project: a Ton of Sperm.

Neatorama reader Appelogen wrote:

French artist Philippe Meste wants sperm. His artwork Spermcube is a transparant cube of one square meter, which can contain 1000 liter (or 264 US gal) of sperm.
Meste asks all men all over the world to donate. A donor kit can be requested through the website. You can also become a Spermcube shareholder and make profit from the sales of the Spermcube.

The photo above is the first liter (yuck!). When everything's done, it will be roughly a (metric) ton of sperm: - Thanks Appelogen!

Why this is a terrible idea:

If it entices you to follow the link, it includes a reference to "damp, runny slurry." Mmmmm.
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What I find funny is that this is categorized as "Art". Hopefully he doesn't finish his art project by getting women to get swim naked with dolphins inside the cube, although I'm sure the French (and American tourists) would go nuts for that.

redstripe - that's NASTY!
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What's the over/under on whether he gets his 1000 liters? I gotta say I think the odds are pretty good. Plenty of guys, this is their only shot (no pun) to put theirs to any kind of use.
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I like these comments much better than the original post.

In other news, I would like to start my own project, boldly called:

Orange: a cubic meter of ear wax. No collection kit necessary, stick your fingers in your ear and scrape the ear wax from under your nails.

Thanks you very much!
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hey...I'll be an american tourist in Paris in 6 weeks...its on my list of to do's right up there with the sewer tour. I won't swim in either, but I have to be able to tell people I saw it.
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