V-J Day, Times Square, 1945 Tattoo.

As you can see, the tattoo represents the image by Alfred Eisenstaedt from 1945 posted before on Neatorama.

CONTENT WARNING: If you follow the link, be warned that it may be hard to watch. The website contains strong body modifications, blood and more. Link

There's also a cool Greta Garbo portrait tatoo here.

yayo, it's not a fake tattoo, it's a fresh tattoo. Fresh tattoos have moisurizers applied to them to keep them, well, moist so they heal better. What you're seeing is the shine from the flash, indeed, but it is the shine from moist skin, not the shine from a tattoo sticker.

bmezine.com is one of my favourite sites in the world, body modifications 4 teh win!
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Yes, it looks cool. It probably won't look so cool in 15 or 20 years when she starts to put on a little weight or has a kid.
But it's not like tattoos last forever...oh wait...
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Yayo: This tattoo is mine, its clearly fresh and has moisturizer on it as MrPumpernickle has pointed out. Im pretty sure for someone to say it is fake is being a bit judgemental. As for Dan, I do not plan on having children and I take very good care of my body which includes daily work outs and a proper diet. I greatfully appreciate all the positive feedback on my work, and advise others to be a little more educated on the matter before they comment.
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Please, Betty, don't piss off because of this post. Your body looks sculptural and because of that I would not ever try to mod it like that in any way. But it's you and your things and that's your way so keep it up.

Thanks for the photo. Please, post more :F
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I appreciate your clarification, thats all you had to say yayo, but you shouldnt expect people to not get pissy when your talking shit on them. Im not one to refuse a debate, Im also not one to sit back and NOT defend myself. I can still be attractive with tattoos, and am confident with myself. I can understand not everyone will feel the same way, and thats fine, it would be a boring world if everyone were the same. I will keep on doing my thing and posting photos, guaranteed REAL tattoos. Do you have any tattoos of your own, out of curiosity?
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Well... Once, in highschool, the guy next to me got hit hard (by me) and he got enough angry to stab me with his pencil... we were both laughing, but I still have a black spot in my arm... you've got to look hard for it because I'm just like Garfield: Big, fat and hairy deal!
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I told it was a fake because of the shiny difuse color :/

I didn't knew they use a fixer on it just after the nailing. But that was clarified out right in the second or third comment ^g^

Thanks again. Keep it up and don't piss off :(
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