Two-Faced Cow.

Yes, that's a two-faced cow and I ain't lyin':

The calf breathes out of two noses and has two tongues, which move independently, farmer Kirk Heldreth said.

There appears to be a single socket containing two eyes. There are two lower jaws, but only one mouth.

"It's the craziest thing I've ever seen," Heldreth said.

During the calf's birth on December 27, Heldreth said he first thought there were two calves.

The calf was the product of artificial insemination, meant for superior breeding.

"Genetically, this is one of my better calves," Heldreth said.

Link - via A Welsh View

There was a calf like this at my local county fair when I was a had only lived a few hours and the farmer had had it stuffed at a taxedermist. It's good to know that some such animals do surivive birth and grow up. People are born with all sorts of conditions, too, and I don't think, "How sad," but rather, "How nice that we live in an era where these people are considered people and not monsters, and allowed to grow up," and while I know society still is not as accepting as it should be of physical differences, such as extra body parts, or unusually formed ones, hopefully we're getting to the point where people don't say, "How sad," but instead, see the humanity...or, in this case, the bovinity...of the individual in question.
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