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Addictive Game: Gateway.

Fans of logic game rejoice! If you like logic games like Samorost, you'll like this game called Gateway. Link - via digg

look at how many times the light bulbs flash when you stand under thier corresponding area, and also, the order in which the 6 colors rotate through from start to finish when you walk over them again. don't worry, you're close to the end!
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You're right mattymatt: it's addictive (adjective)and not addicting (transitive verb). Fixed now.

Thanks for the tip, Jenny, Ian and Adam Stanhope! The 6/99 date thing on the tv threw me off.

It's a good thing the game has a "save" function!
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# kelath5555 Says:
January 1st, 2007 at 3:22 am

I’m in the room where there are 2 boards. Push one down, get onto the middle platform and walk around, watching the colors. What do I do?

I am here as well and I can't see the solution, does anybody?

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kelath5555 and katsumoto: you need to match the colors and then go back into the door you came from. You'll come out from the other door, then simply push the other board down, change the colors again and go to the right door and presto! You're on to the next level.
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I´m about 45 minutes trying to discover the tv key of the channels. I´ve put all the possibilities...the order in which the girl-robot appears, in which there is some action...nothing...I don´t understand about the 6/99 key you talked about´s frustrating!!!
Please, help! Thank you.
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Vita look in which places the girl-robot have to look the camera numbers..once you get will be easy..i will help you with the first number its 9
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Try Gateway2 on

on doesn't run very well

(Sorry for my english T_T)
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ok you know that part when it says blink 3 times b4 you call i cant get passed that part omg i am gunna like boycot this website if i dont get threw ity i think it is imposable
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I'm now stuck on Gateway 2, and am getting very frustrated. Like "devon" and "Shadii", I'm stuck on the staircase with the telephone and pad. No idea what to do, and have hunted all over for more clues. All I have is a lighter and a mirror!
Someone please help!!
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You need to dial the right number with the phone.
How to find the number ?
There's a missing part of the first piece of paper.
The number was on it. It's a very old trick to find out what someone wrote before the paper was removed.
More hints ?
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Phone: Use the pen to grible the notepad and the telephone number will appear. BUT switch the light off/on three times before you call (you get a response light on the wall.

I'm also stuck at the colour code for the alarm overide

have tried the 786 and the eye blinking.
Also tried decoding the confirmation DTMF code in the phone. It gives: 11 22 33 11 I think.
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