Smokestack Pollution.

Pollution? What Pollution? I can't see a thing! Found at EatLiver

Actually if that is a Nuclear Power plant, which it appears to be, those are just cooling towers. Then what you are seeing is steam and water vapors, not pollution. That's why they say nuclear power is clearer. It is for the air but it still produces pollution in the form of barrels of nuclear waste that has to be buried somewhere.
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Beaten to it as well - it is just steam, but it is indicative of a very active power station that will be pumping out pollution in ways that can't be seen in this photo. Whichever way you intepret it, it's a stunning image!
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Cooling towers and hot water can seriously alter the environment by changing the temperature thereby changing the life conditions for flora and fauna around the site. And it produces nuclear waste too.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but serious electrical energy production has pollution as a consequence. Yes, yes, wind, tidal, geothermal and solar have minimum impact (so far) but they are dwarfed in terms of output by fossil fuel, nuclear and hydroelectric production. Hydro has problems with silting, environmental impact and methane, I believe, while fossil fuel plants dump greenhouse gases (including CO2 with radioactive Carbon 14 in it) into the atmosphere. Personally, I wouldn't be bothered a bit if a well designed and well built nuclear plant was in my back yard.

My real question, in looking at the photo, is to wonder if there isn't a way to get energy out of all that heat being dumped into the atmosphere, or pipe the steam to a town to use for heating.
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I have operated nuclear power plants for years. Nothing is cleaner and more efficient, and STEAM is not pollution in any way at all. I am very tired of environmentalists opposing these plants when every efficient alternative is MUCH more invasive and destructive.
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