Things people said in restaurants.

I had a craving for french fries one day, so I pulled up to the drive-thru of McDonald's.

* Me: "I'd like a large french fries please."
* Clerk: "Would you like fries with that?"

I got sort of confused at this one and told him no. He told me to pull ahead, so I did, and then he asked me why I was sitting there.

* Clerk: "I thought you didn't want fries."
* Me: "No, I ordered a large french fries."
* Clerk: "Ok. Do you want fries with that?"

Since saying no the last time had gotten me nothing, I figured I'd better say yes this time.

He gave me two large fries.

Things People Said in Restaurants has a large and entertaining collection of anecdotes like this one, as well as ambiguously worded menus and signs that don’t quite make sense. Link -via Cynical-C

haha that reminds me of the time I was behind this lady at a sandwich shop and she said "I want a cheesy chicken sandwich, but without cheese." Even though the normal chicken sandwich was listed on the menu right above it.
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I've confused several people by handing over loose change (I always find it after I hand over a $20) and asking them to take the change they'll give me and my coins in exchange for $5.

Best example of staff not knowing what they were talking about (not restaurant related, unfortunately) was the guy who told me to download my modem drivers off the internet.
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"Things people said in restaurants."

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