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Monk's Finger Stunt.

This video clip purportedly show Shaolin monk Hal-tank performing something that only he could do in the entire world: holding himself upside down with 1 finger.

Fake or not? You decide: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Piquant Sites

I have this video. this guy is amazing! whats really funny though is a guy that has mastered the skill of 'chopping' a bottle in half. what a waste if a life! you spend you whole life learning the magical skill of karate chopping a bottle in half for what? so you can be a small attraction at the pub?
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Different people measure success in different ways. I highly doubt he did it just to be a small attraction at the pub, if at all. Imagine the kind of mental discipline needed to be able to do something like that (or any of the seemingly superhuman things these Asian monks can do). The reward lies in the journey, and the destination is but a small, memorable reminder of all that was gained during the trip.
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I'm calling BS on this one. We never see the bottom of his feet. The camera is upside down. He is standing on a chair that is against the wall and leaning out and touching the ceiling. I know you can say look at the paint job from when he is sitting but we don't know what the whole room looks like.
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I don't think it's a fake, and I usually think everything's fake. It's just silly.

What I found funny was the "This is a pride of the Chinese nation."

I just can't imagine thousands flocking to see that.
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Chinese propaganda video, it doesn't have to be accurate it just has to look good. This could easily be done either by having two rooms painted similarly and tilting the camera or by building a room that can spin on its own axis together with the camera inside it. It's been done extensivly in music videos.

I'm not calling it BS, I am though questioning its validity. Generally, any type of propaganda videos are to be taken if not with a grain of salt at least with a backpack full.
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If you look at his belt and robe they are both pulling down showing which way gravity is working. It's clearly not an inverted room. I've witnessed even weirder events in my life.
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Don't believe. It's FAKE, the monk gets help from a string, that's way you can't see his feet! Communist China's propaganda machine created many 'HEROES' like this guy. Never believe.
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Hear Hear,
The guy is getting help from some direction the end of his finger is bent, so there is some weight on it. More than I could put on mine, maybe, but not his entire body weight. A human finger couldn't stand it.
The "Pride of Chinese Nation" comment at the end cinches it.
Besides, those warm-ups looked pretty weak to me.
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God all conspiracy theories and no one addresses the most basic logically fallacy of this video.

We never see him get up against the wall normally and then stand on one finger.
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yeah, this seems fake. makes me think of shaw brothers doing fake how-tos in martial arts. the type of subtitles they use i've only really seen in films anyway, like the shaw bros ones.
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