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What is it? Contest 3.

This week's collaboration with What is it? brings us this object. Yes, it's an eagle, but what is it for? More hints (dimensions, another photo) at Rob's blog What is it?

Be the first to answer correctly (in the comment section - please post no URL or link.) will win a free Neatorama T-shirt.

Also, congratulations to Kevin Register, winner of last week's contest.

Update 12/12/06: Congratulations to Mark (#18) who guessed correctly! What is it? Blog has this as their official answer:

According to the book Primitives, Our American Heritage these are called snowbirds, and were anchored by the holes to roof edges under materials as slate or tile, they were meant to retain snow for insulation. Others believed they could prevent a layer of snow from plunging down on the heads of pedestrians.

Could it be something to put up where you don't want small birds? For example in a garden to keep birds away from freshly planted seeds, or growing plants.
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It's got a slot in the front, maybe for a piece that's now missing. The long bracket in the back mounts it as it sits...I'd say that it is a lantern holder.
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It's made to prevent burning wood pieces to go out the hearth in a chimney. (sorry regarding my english ... and see Alex I didn't post URL ! lol sorry for the last time I haven't read all the rules)
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Mmmh... Let's say 3 ^^:
- A candle or fire light source holder
- A bird feeder
- Two of those could hold a board on a wall and create shelves

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Two of these are used like "hood ornaments" on
those Cinderella-type carriges, one at each forward corner of the cabin, on either side of the driver. The fitting at the bottom is for a lantern holder, and the one that goes to the driver's right is a
mirror image of this one.

They kinda symbolize gargoyles, which kinda
symbolize some kind of protection. :-)

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This is what is called a snowbird, used to keep snow and ice from sliding off the roofs of houses. You rarely see them anymore, mostly on the roofs of old homes with slate roofs. The snow and ice would melt, slide down the roof and get hung up on these where it would melt, not fall off where it could potentially hurt someone below
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I think Mark #18 is close but I think it, along with several others like it would be lined up at the bottom edge of a sloped roof--not to keep the snow from falling off ut to help it melt and run off frequently and evenly.
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