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NASA Plans Moon Base.

NASA is now planning to create a permanent base on the Moon, after astronauts begin flying back there in 2025. Link

Sweet, great way to waste billions and billions of taxpayer dollars that will never see a return on that investment.

Pay teacher? fix urban decay? provide college scholarships? Pay down the deficit? Perish the thought.

Now a moonbase, that's something we can do.
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Agreed Ben, it will most likely blow up on its way to the moon, and we'll find some way to declare war on terror over it...
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Oh yes, exploring new lands is a waste of money. We should pull everyone out of America, knock down the skyscrapers and erase it from the maps.

So how much is this in comparison to what the American government spends improving America? 1%? 0.1%? 0.01%?

Though as I live in England I'd be quite happy if NASA dropped this and ESA headed the project.
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Compared with what is spent on the US military this moon base is a drop in a bucket!

Why is space exploration always villianized as wasteful!? Surely you all can see benefits a permanent base dependent of the Earth will have for the future of humanity!

It is my opinion that the sooner we learn to create sustainable habitats outside the Earth the better chance our species has of surviving for the long term. To me this seems like one of the most important steps we must take in realizing this goal.

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The Great Society was a huge waste of money. The War on Poverty was a costly disaster.

Some people have no dreams and no ambition. I pity those that can't see past their nose and be amazed by the scope and majesty of the Universe around us.
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One would think they would make something a little bit bigger and cooler when they have this much time to do it. Something with many levels and scary empty corridors.
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