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Google Christmas card.

What do you have to do to get on Google’s Christmas card mailing list? Shawn Hogan describes the gift he received, a digital photo frame. I feel a little jealous, although I much appreciate the t-shirt I got from my boss. Link -via Arbroath

well yes thats very generous of them isnt it, but then again if u made enough revenue through click-throughs its peanuts to them. i wonder how many people recieved them?
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What next will google buy with all its cash in the information technolgy industry ?
Reminds me of Homer Simpson meeting Mr. Gates of Microsoft fame.

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We get these gifts all the time from google. They get some manufacturered products from china. This stuff is actually pretty crappy. We got this photo frame and within 10 minutes the UBS cable end pulled out from the cable and broke. The photo frame would not allow other image dragged into its folder, and I suspect it will not last much longer. Just wish they would put a little more money into the stuff they send.
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Honestly, I would appreciate receiving one of these from anyone. My grandmother lives almost 1000 miles away, and it is too difficult for me to drive to NY City to see her, so one of these packed with pictures and small video clips of my son would be great.

Why don't I just go get one? Because of all of my attorney costs, and $720 a month in support payments for the past 11 months sucked me dry this year. It is a good thing that my son has a geek for a dad, as well as a creative one.

Adsense customers receiving these as gifts? Bah! I believe that Google should send out random gifts to people that are signed up with their many services. Give everyone the same chance to receive one, regardless of your "investment" with them. But what do I know?

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I can send you one, but I'm not going too. You sound like a big liberal (I want, I want, I want, I want).

We'll just wait for that liberal utopia called Google to become the government and then we can divide up Sergey's money among the masses.


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Is the photo frame hardware made by google, or is it a 3rd party brand? What brand?

Does it have Wifi? Will it pull pictures off your home network? Flickr? Picasa Integration?

I have been searching for a good photo frame for a while now to give to my grandparents. Something that does not need to be touched and can be updated remotely via the internet would be great.
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Hey, stop complaining everyone. I happy when a company sends me a free pen or magnet in the mail which is once or twice a year.
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