World's Highest Scoring Scrabble Game.

What's so interesting about the Scrabble board above? It's the end result of a game between carpenter Michael Cresta and deli worker Wayne Yorra, where they broke 3 new records: most point in a game by one player (830 by Michael Cresta), most total point in a game (1,320) and most points on a single turn (365, for Cresta's play of Quixotry).

Slate's got the full story: Link - via IZ Reloaded

Is the record valid? The word "vrow" is ment to be Dutch. It nearly is. The correct spelling is "vrouw". And because it is used two times it is two times wrong. Besides the plural of "vrouw" isn't "vrows" but "vrouwen". So there are three missspellings.
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In scrabble, you can spell non-existent words and have them be valid plays, HOWEVER, the person you're playing against MUST challenge that word. If they challenge it and it actually is a word in the dictionary, the challenger LOSES there turn, thus they may not challenge a word that was played if they are not certain about it.
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Then I could go play a game of scrabble with a friend and we could beat the record by just throwing random letters down and not challenging each other.
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I call BS, Guinness rules dictate that an official from Guinness must be present at attempts to break a Guinness World Record. There was none present. And if you bother to contact Guinness you will find that they have no record of this "record". Of course it is Slate, who needs facts when a deadline is due.
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ZA (pizza) got added to the official TWL98 Scrabble dictionary back in March as were FE, OI, KI and QI. Now even novice players can unload the Z and Q.

An intentional invalid play is called a phoney. It's up to your opponent to catch the mistake. It's all part of the strategy.
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thsi is teh hihgest scrable wordd score thaat i haave seen.....

1830 points ONE TURN!!!


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To the people who insist that they know every word in the English language, and are thus the leading authority on the subject, I urge you to rethink your status. There is a very strict guideline for a word to be a legal play in Scrabble, and each word on that board follows that guideline, and as such, is legal. There are many words in the TWL (the tournament word list, which is the official list of words valid in the game) which are not used as part of our daily language. This is due to the tendency for words to gain entry into our language much faster than they depart. Consequently, we have many words left over from yesteryear, which will eventually leave the leading English dictionaries, and, consequently, the TWL.
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Every one of these words is in the official North American Scrabble Tournament Word List (TWL). They are also all in the International English word list (SOWPODS). This can be verified by going to one of the online sites that supports search of the TWL list, such as, selecting TWL, and then typing each word in turn into the Word Check column.
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