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Geek's Knuckle Tattoo.

From Knuckle Tattoos, where you can find more examples of these type of tattoos: Link - via Yahoo! Pick

I don't understand the reason for this particular tattoo. Does he really like that function or what? Perhaps that as time (x) goes to infinity, the function f(x) (himself) approaches nothing? I'm so confused.
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I'm with you, ben. That's seems like such a lame function to be PERMANENTLY tattooing on your fingers. This seems kind of like those Chinese ideograms that people tattoo on their butt and then find out it means "I am a moron" or something equally stupid.

/One of Maxwell's equations would be have been good.
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You guys are retarded. The tattoo is labled "Geek's Knuckle Tattoo. It has to behind the meaning. It's saying that geeks put this on their knucks to try to be "hardcases". This is NOT a serious tattoo...
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if it's meaningful to him then no one should talk down on any art esp on anyone's body. and plus.. i'm sure none of you guys will want a tat on your knuckles.. its painful. step down you haters. and live a little.
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ahaha, I didn't know this was here.

This is my hand. These are my knuckles.

I'm a currently working on a physics major, and I hope to ultimately pursue astrophysics.

For edification:

I don't know wtf would be considered dirt on my hand. My gf painted my nails black. I dunno?

Yah, I really like the function. I'm not sure if this was your stab at irony. I mean, because of the permanent nature of tattoos, or whatever.

Yup, I could have used a million things, but I'm prob not smart enough. Like, I won't even name drop emr. gg you're teh smartiest and you win!


The kanji for 'i like singularities' wouldn't fit- not even on both hands. Trust me, I tried that first. <- if my authenticity is questioned.

I love you all.

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what's the tattoo acctuly mean. i dont know anything about mathmatics. and if he wants a tattoo there so be it. i got 2 stars on my cheast for the sake of it and now i regret it cos it dont mean anything to me. if it means something to him then whos to judge.
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From a mathematical stand point the function of 1/x is known as Gabriel's horn or Torricelli's trumpet. Personally I think it's a good pick. To me it's a living example of paradox.

Also in agreements to Jen, don't insult someones idea for a tattoo. The entire purpose for a tattoo is not just to have ink on your body and go through the experience of the pain, it should be an expression of yourself and have meaning.
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