Should the Germans Shoot This White Deer?

After the Norwegian "shoot or save the rare white moose" debate, it's the Germans' turn: just months after Germany decided to kill of the cuddly, yet violent, Bruno the Bear, the country now has to decide what to do with an albino deer:

Roaming the 900 hectare deer range at the foothills of the Erzgebirge Mountains in eastern Germany is a snow-white deer with pink eyes and skin. An albino deer -- one in 100,000 according to estimates by zoologists. Softened German hearts are bleeding. The animal should be protected, people say. "As a rarity and natural phenomenon, it should be allowed to live," a spokeswoman for the environment ministry of the state of Saxony said.

What she meant was, the cute little albino deer should be saved from death by rifle. Some hunters have already set their sights on the uncommon animal; a spectacle of nature to some is a freak of nature to others. Günter Giese, the president of the Saxony Hunting Federation, said: "The white deer is a mutation. It does not belong in the wild. It should be shot."


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Years ago before us nasty humans had rifles and were so civilized, I'm sure that they lived in the forest. So why the hell do they have to shoot it now? Oh that's right. Cause they can.
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It is indeed scary Gloria. So what should we do with Humans that are born mutated/with defects? Should we kill them as well? Seems like the humane thing to do *rolls eyes*.
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Well, before we were 'so civilized', the albinos didn't probably survive long either. They're easier to spot as prey and the herd doesn't tolerate such deviation - I have the impression that such mutants very often get killed or rejected by their kin. What makes me sad is that the latter often applies to humans as well, even now in the 21st century.
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Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Except, um, don't...let it be slain by a predator instead, much more dignified way to go. Not that animals care about dignity, but that's another issue alltogether.
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I never considered an albino, be it deer, moose, buffalo or human to be a mutant. I figure that the hunters are just looking for an easier target. Those other deer are sneaky and hard to see. A human with a gun needs every advantage they can get over a dangerous predator like a deer.
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It's sad to see people become so pasionate about things they don't understand. Hunting is not bad. Just ask anyone who has hit a deer. How did we become the society of the world that we are if we as humans never hunted. Hunting is a lot more noble than grocery shopping.

Notice the picture, the albino roe deer is in the company of two bucks that are not fighting. The albino roe deer is either female or a yearling, either way that is not normal behavior. Conclusions: these deer are in captivity. Only the guy who owns them is going to shoot them.
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The Native Americans consider the birth of the white buffalo to be a sign of great spiritual significance. Perhaps these white animals being born is also a great sign? Nature is infinitely smarter and more powerful than us stupid humans. WE do not need to kill anything, nature has it's own checks and balances... even after mankind has interfered to the point of upsetting the balance. But this says so much about the male tendancy to dominate and destroy everything they think doesn't fit in their myopic world...
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Hey Mary... Don't forget, we are animals... We are part of nature's checks and balances.

But I agree... It is the male mind that is truely at fault here. Men alone must destroy what does not fit. Yes, that makes sense. Oh, wait... Does it???
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So this deer is clearly a threat, look at him, all shiftless, and just looking to jump in front of your car in a snowstorm.

God, (if you can hear me), please let a white (buck with 4" spikes) deer walk in front of my blind on 15Nov this year in the great state of Michigan.
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wow! what a logical explaination ,actually it´s morons like Günter Giese who belongs to WILD. does that mean civilized people sud shoot him down for not going back to where he belongs?
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albinism is not caused by inbreeding genius. It's caused by both parents having the recessive abino gene in them. inbreeding has nothing to do with it.
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The albino gene is in every creature. Everywhere. Anywhere.

Look here. This little mixed-Albino fawn. If you killed the doe, or this buck, just because they are different, there would be no mixture of the fawn.

Oh, how abotu a black bear, here? The mother has an albino cub! Kill the male or female, mother or father, and this little cub wouldn't have even been here!

Or a Mixed-albino giraffe!

Or, to say, albino zebra.

If we never have seen these creatures in the wild, alive, we wouldn't hunt them. But we find these albino animals, and think right away "That will look good in front of my Fireplace" or "That is a nice buck / doe." We never think twice.
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How about an albino cow? What would you rather have, the albino hide? Or its milk? What would make you more money? And just think - When it dies, you still have it's coat!

Were tigers and zebras killed, because they are different? Not that I know of! Just because they have their coats, and somewhat are game and food. Lookey here, at the tiger variations. Would you kill these creatures? Maybe for you life, yes. But just for their coats?
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"The white deer is a mutation. It does not belong in the wild. It should be shot."

well if you believe the theory of evolution, everything that on earth is a mutant...

maybe everything should get shot
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wow lets shoot the deer cuz its mutant yeah if we went by that might as well shoot all albinos no matter what they are cow, tiger, human oh and lets go ahead and shoot retards to cuz there not like everyone else. stupid hunter....
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i hate all hunters. F them all. ok so the frigin deer is white and albino. big frigin deal. ohhh i think it should be shot caus i have nothing better to do with my pathetic life. blah blah blah. stupid moronic people disgust me. stop hunting.
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Look at the positive side of things. If all deer where white, they would be easier to spot and mabye there wouldnt be any roadkills? Enjoy the beauty of this animal instead of shooting it! If it does not have what it takes to survive, it will problaby just be killed by some kind of predator, be it man or wolf. But to kill it just because you can.. no thank you.
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