How to Dress Like a Mac.

From LifeClever, a guide on how to dress like a Mac: - via misterstarfish

$158 for that tacky looking outfit? I could do that for under $50.

I think those commercials are hilarious. Even funnier is all the PC users who are somehow put off by them. "Preying on the ignorant"? Please. It's a commercial.

What I find the funniest is that I probably look more like the PC guy, but have been using Macs since 1993. And likely will be for a long time to come.
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The shoes are a steal but I'll be damned if I pay that much money for a pair of jeans that have been distressed for me. I just always found that weird.
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I run a theatre company in Australia and have branched successfully into Vis Arts and Music with a bookstore and couch culture club opening soon, and all the ppl I work with, including me look like this, AND we all use Mac's... Gotta love the mac community... (Used to be in Law and was an up-myself PC guy... never got laid like that, stupid PC's)

how funny is the neanderthal who said "whats a mac?"
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i could do that for under 30 dollars .....the jeans 6.99 dollars at a thrift store.. shirt 3 dollars at a thrift store. the jacket.. 7.99 at a thrift store... and the shoes.. 12. at walmart.
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