Fire Bible.

From the website:

When was the last time your class saw how "HOT" God's Word is? Open this authentic looking "bible" and begin to share the scripture for the day as real flames are seen coming from your "bible". This full size book comes with a battery operated ignition system. All you supply are the batteries, lighter fluid and composure as your class gets excited.


My father has this, or has had something like this for the last 20+ years. He was a childrens evangelist who used magic and puppets and such. very cool watching flames come out of the bible.
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The bible has always been a book filled with cheesy magic tricks. In todays world of actual scientific information being available to most people, it seems that those who are dead set on teaching their children about old time religion just have to take it one step further and... cheat. Smoke and mirrors.

And lighter fluid in the hands of creationists... it warms my heart to see that some of these bible clutchers have finally figured out a way to combust themselves out of the gene pool.
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Storm, your comments are inappropriate. The one thing I like about this site is it's good fun. There's no need to come in and start posting hateful and ignorant remarks. Just about 85% of americans consider themselves to be christians. The Bible reflects sincere beliefs of the vast majority of americans. To say it's filled with cheesy magic tricks is not only offensive it's ignorant.
You're entitled to you're beliefs (no matter how biggoted they may be) But please find an appropriate forum to express them and keep neatorama a fun place.
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...and for my next trick, I'll take this glass of water, place a hankercheif over it...and TADAA!! WINE! thank you, I'll be here all week...
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