Bridge and Other Things to Name After Stephen Colbert.

By now, y'all probably know that the Hungarian government is holding an Internet voting campaign to allow web users to to name a new bridge being built over the Danube in Budapest.

The front runner used to be a Hungarian humorist Geza Hofi, but that's before Chuck Norris got on the ball. Fortunately for the Hungarian government, Chuck had fallen behind in the votes. Unfortunately for them, the leading contender is now Comedy Central talk-show host Stephen Colbert.

After explaining to viewers how to vote for him, in just 7 days, Colbert got 17 million votes [YouTube] (see the list)

Now, our pal YesButNoButYes has a neat Top Ten List of Other Things that Should be Named after Stephen Colbert. This one is no. 4: Cyclones

I keep reading how weather is big these days. Like, floods and hurricanes and stuff. I found this site that lets you recommend names for cyclones. Don't hear too much about cyclones...could be our chance to break into the crappy weather market. One thing...the site's based in Hong Kong, and names need to be submitted in English and Chinese. So whoever votes, remember to write Stephen AND Sleephen. (That was just wrong...childish and wrong...I apologize) But seriously, is there a more perfect match than Stephen and a whole lotta wind. Let's get to the cyclone committee ASAP, while they're still above water.

Link - Thanks Mario Marsicano!

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