Albino Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys.

A pair of cute albino Pygmy Marmoset monkeys were born a tthe Froso Zoo in Sweeden - but all is not well with the monkeys: one of the twin died just hours after it was born, and the other one is fighting for its life.

The Pygmy Marmoset, the world's smallest monkey which all grown up reaches just 35cm and weighs barely 100 grams, is quite rare, but this albino pair is particularly unusual.

The pair, pictured snuggled into a zookeeper's thumb almost as big as them, are twins, a common occurrence in Pygmy Marmosets, which are more likely to be born in pairs than single births.

"We were so sorry when the twin died," said zoo owner Ake Netterstrom. "We put in all available resources to save him but that did not help. It was very sad but it is likely he had a lower immune defence because he was albino.

Link - via mental_floss

I am so sad to hear that they have both died, and ASTOUNDED that this zoo was permitted to HAVE these poor little guys. It does't take much of an education to know that you dont take away newborns from their mother, especially "within hours" of them being born, which i am assuming anyone can tell from the blurb under the picture telling that the one twin died within hours of being born, but yet it's alive in the photo. Not only has this person picked them up - FOR PHOTOGRAPHS!!! But just look at the picture close-up, notice the dirt on the fingers! How could anyone qualified to work with these animals be so stupid?
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