Archive for August 14th, 2006

The Missing Body Parts of 10 Famous People.

The Missing Body Parts of 10 Famous People. Remember that goofy uncle of yours who always tried to impress you by "stealing your nose" or pulling the ol' separating-his-thumb-from-his-hand move? Well, those parlor...

Continuous Drawing Challenge: Queen Victoria in 1 Minute.

Design company Fibre hosted a challenge: draw Queen Victoria in one minute without taking the pen off the paper. This one above, by Mr. Bingo, took first prize.Link | See the rest of the entries [Flickr]...

Turning Whale Songs into Visual Art.

Using wavelet technology, a technique for processing digital signals, Mark Fisher of Aguasonic transforms whale songs into beautiful, fractal-like, mandalas:Among whales, certain sounds and patterns...

Anti-Smoking Vaccine.

From the website:Doctors are testing a radical new way to help smokers quit: a shot that “immunizes” them against the nicotine rush that fuels their addiction.Link...


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