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Kitten Born with Two Faces.

From the website:

The kitten was born Wednesday morning in Ohio. It has two mouths that meow in unison, two noses and four eyes that have not opened yet.

The little boy who owns the cat said he hasn't decided on a name for the kitten yet, but said he wants to name it Tiger. Two other kittens were in the same litter, but they are normal.

Veterinarians say this occurrence is very rare, but the kitten could be just fine. It has already begun nursing just like the other kittens in the litter.

Link - via Boing Boing

I an remember seeing two headed cows as a young boy about 40 years ago. This was rare, but it happened from time to time in nature.

However, these days of Politicaly correctness, we can now blame it on global warming, smoking, over eating, guns, or just not paying enough taxes.
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Why is it every time a 2 headed animal is born (seems to be usually kittens and pigs in the news the last few years) the vets always go "it is doing well, it could live a long life" when they almost always die days to weeks after being born? 2 headed animals have a very, very high mortality rate. Even if they appear to be "doing well", they almost always quickly go downhill one day and drop dead. Instead of being happy fluffy sugar covered hopeful, why don't the vets get real and be truthful?
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is it just me or does it appear the kid is squeezing the kitten a little hard in the photo, also its pretty blurry on one side, like it might be fake
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Looks shopped to me.
The whole thing is kinda blurry.
However, it appears to be a legit news story.
Hope somebody checked before they ran it.
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if you watch the video online it seems to be real.....what i found curious was that the cat was "missing" just a few days later *right* before it's date to go to the vet. Since then, it has vanished. I think that was a well done hoax, good enough to get news coverage...but the jokers were smart enough to avoid close inspection that would expose them.
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What a cute kitten! Thats a cat I'd like, and I don't think it vanished, there have been other animals, and people, like this before too, so amzing! But I want to know how it happens, chemically or is it just nature? And its not fake either, just btwfor those other commenters.
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