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11-Year Old Bianca Ryan Sure Can Sing!

From the TV show America's Got Talent, here's 11-year-old Bianca Ryan singing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Holliday. Listen ...

Hit play or go to Link - via Pistol Wimp

That song really showcases her voice...but 11 yr. old shouldn't be singing a torch song. She looks 11, dresses 11 (thankfully), but one judge told her to change her look. I suppose he means...dress like a sultry woman. Well, she's not one yet. Don't we sexualize these kids a bit early? Her parents need to do what's best for her and not let her devolve into another brittany spears.
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We don't really know how the judge is telling the girl to dress - probably shouldn't assume he wants her to dress like a slut.
Maybe he just wanted her to wear something a little less tacky.
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Yeah, what's up with her not being on that show again? Anyone know when she'll be back? All the other contestents are lame compared to this kid. She's truly amazing.
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This kid is amazing. I get chills from her voice. She doesn't even need this talent show. She's already a star and can chart her own future.
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As Brandy stated: UNBELIEVABLE! I absolutely tear up everytime I see this, she is amazing. Say hello to the new Barbra Streisand. Bianca Ryan you ar a star.
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Bianca Ryan is a true revival of Janis Joplin's style and if she succeeds to the finals she sould try Joplin's "Mercedes Benz". Best newest rising star!
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Oh my she is my favorite!!!! Have you seen her 2nd song?? I mean she was sooooo good...but I rather see her sing a softer and slower kind of song...she is a natural!!!! No matter what she sings....she makes it her own and it's beautiful!!
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I agree with everyone here, she is very talented in singing. I also find it interesting that many people said that they did not like her singing Janice Joplins song "Take Another Piece of my Heart Out Baby". Personally, I liked it, I thought she sounded just like Janice Joplin.

I don't understand how Judge Pier (or however), gave a lot of credit to Rappin' Granny based on the audience's reaction. Why did he not use the same criteria when he judged Bianca Ryan. He needs to be consistant in order to be a fair judge.

He also said that she screeched when singing. I don't think that she screeched at all. Perhaps the batteries in Piers hearing aid were going bad. If anyone would take the song that Bianca sang and compared it to either Janice Joplin or Beth Midler in "The Rose", they would see that are identical in sound and style.

Bianca is a Star as someone noted earlier, she has incredable vocal skills and she will succeed to be one of our greatest singers at least of the decade, maybe even of the century.
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Bianca is the first artist in a very long time to breathe life into "Take Another Piece of my Heart Out Baby" since Janis captured and made it her own.

To even attempt to go head to head with Janis Joplin's style is something that even seasoned blues singers approach trembling with fear. To hear an 11 year old girl standing alone on a stage before the world do so and to see her not only attempt the song but to actually revive the spirit of a lost legend took my breath away.

Perhaps the audience sound mix was not as clear as what was broadcast. Perhaps they were expecting the different more smooth style of the talented Faith Hill. This may explain their remarkable reaction to the performance.

While there may be some faults to find in the performance, to act as if the girl had done something inappropriate and must be steered to a more correct path told us more about the judges than the judged.
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This girl has incredible talent. So many singers are a dime a dozen , but she has something very special. I actually teared up listening to her and have played this song over about 100 times. I cant say enough good things about her and hope she sticks with a jazzy approach to music, like June Christy, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald.
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“Five mysteries hold the keys to the unseen: the act of love and the birth of a baby and the contemplation of great art and being in the presence of death and distaster and hearing the human voice lifted in a song. These are the occasions when the bolts of the universe fly open and we are given a glimpse of what is hidden; an eff of the ineffable”.

-Salman Rushdie (from The ground beneath her feet)

indeed when I saw the vide0, I had a gLimpse of the ineffaBLe...
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I have died and gone to heaven. Janice is back. And she's a sweet little barefoot 11 year old. I have watched that video over and over again. She looks like a little irish fairy about to sprout wings on the finale. What a future she has. I'll buy anything she puts on a CD. Start cranking them out and don't mess with her or cheat her. God's watching this one.
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Omg i have been listening and watching her video clip overt and over again. What a voice!!! This girl has such an amazing voice and which 11 year old could give such a performance? She is soooo sood I dont think i could explain how much i love her voice. She looks so cute and innocent. I also had a look at her natal chart shes goig to be very successful and i wish her all the best. And as for all them poeple being critical of her i think you all have some issues. She sings better than Mariah Carey or anyone else i have heard before and im a very big fan of Mariah. Mariah has a whining voice and anyone can sing like her. Biance sings it with a passion and isnt fake, you can tell shes very into the song and her performance on stage is very much worth the million dollars. Her hand and facial expression is what really got me too. I hope everyon eon here can stop being so god damn crticial and give the girl a go. Oh and i thought she looked better in her first performance when she looked her age instead of trying to make her look older than what she is. I cant wait for her to release an album ill be the first to get one :)
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I have an enormous collection of music . When my friend Bob told me google Bianca Ryan , I thought another over -rated singer . How wrong I was . There are so many average singers and also a lot of good singers . Bianca Ryan has a talent unlike any singer I have heard in my life . She is extra-ordinary . She will still be a great singer in 50 years time , quite possibly she will be by then regarded as one of the top couple of all time . I hope she releases her Cds all over the world as I will be an avid buyer . For me to get chills at the back of my neck and to actually feel emotion from a performance is unusual . She is a superstar without having even released . I am from Australia and would gladly pay whatever I had to see her in concert .
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This girl is IN-CRED-I-BLE!

I was thrilled to learn that I'm not the only mushy idiot who has played her video over and over and over and over again, and has been brought to tears each and every time.

She's the total package -- genuinely sweet personality, unaffected (let's hope she can stay that way) by all the fame and adulation, and an AWE-some, AWE-some voice!

God (as someone said earlier) has truly blessed this one with a special gift; she will brighten the spirits of millions for years to come.
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There is something about this girls voice that lifts my spirit as no other singer ever has. Yes I also play it over and over. I look all over the internet hoping to find anything she has sung that I have not heard. I am a fan and will buy every CD. But she is just a child and I do hope she is given the chance to have a childhood first, even if it means we wait a few more years before she starts this long hard road of stardom
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Bloody O for awesome mate!!!

Someone at work passed it around and we were all just gobsmacked. Unbelievable. I look forward to anything new she comes out with and if she ever comes to NZ me and my cook are heading to her concert. I agree with earlier comments for her not to change. It wasn't about the dress, the shoes or the was the voice and the performance. Bianca...take your time, don't be pressured into growing up too fast. To Bianca's dad...look after your girl shes a real gem, let her enjoy the last years of her childhood.
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Change your hair...change your dress...change your shoes...This girl could've sung in a sack and it would not have mattered. Asolutely indescribeable!!! I'm not a great musical person but this kid blew me away too. Awesome girl, just awesome.
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I saw Janis, back in the day.
Bianca is the reincarnation. Chills, CHILLS, when this kid sings.
Awesome. I am looking forward to buying her CD on 11/14!
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Bianca Ryan has book Germany and japan as her first
adventure into the world.
Germany in December,One of the Judges was from Germany
Her cd is selling by the thousands.
On her web site people from 45 countries know about her now.And are wonten to buy her cd.
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Just a note for Rodrigo..and anyone else whom may not know this. David Hasselhoff himself had a singing career. I don't know if he still has one, he may, but regardless of what anyone else thinks he has a wonderful voice. I wish people would stop dissing him, he's awesome.

And yeah, I just seen Bianca on Opera and MAN can she sing!! I can't wait to see how far her career gets, she's totally awesome!
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What a talent!

I just hope she has strong willed parents who will let her grow up as a teenager and enjoy her childhood. She needs to mature at her own pace and not to the beat of others. If she can stay focused and grounded, she has the potential to be a once in a generation talent.
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